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Tagless PrintingOctober 27, 2022

Design Custom Tagless Labels with Inkcups

Tagless Printing
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Tagless Application

Are you on the lookout for a simple way to connect with customers and differentiate your brand? Custom tagless labels are a personalized touch that requires little effort on your end. Customized labels hoists your product from generic to individualized in a few seconds.

We’ll let you in on a little secret… customers notice the small touches! Even though it may go unnoticed during the initial unboxing,  during the lifespan of the apparel the recipient will be reminded of your business. It’s a great way to reinforce brand recognition.

Visit our page What is Tagless Label Printing to understand the main differences between pad printing, screen printing, and heat transfers. This blog post will primarily focus on pad printing for custom tagless labels.

An often-overlooked marketing tool is custom tagless labels, otherwise known as care labels. These labels are either pad printed or screen printed directly on to the back collar of the neck, in place of the tearaway tags. Over the years we’ve realized that tearaway tags are more often than not itchy, uncalled for, and frequently removed.

Costs Related to Tagless Labels

The average cost per tagless label is $0.003. That’s right, to print three care labels with a pad printer it costs you less than a single penny. To acquire a pad printer and necessary consumables to get started one can get a one-color table top pad printer for under $5,000 and the necessary inks, solvents, and hardeners around $300. Start up costs for pad printing is relatively low compared to alternative methods of printing.

Tagless Printing News

A spectacular choice for tagless label pad printing is the B100. The B100 pad printer hosts a 90mm VersaCup® which can print an image up to 80mm. That is 3.15″ of space to design. This is a tabletop machine and is an industry standard when it comes to tagless printing. Several hundred of these printers can be found installed in large garment tag manufacturers around the world! Join the big names in the industry by tagless printing on the same equipment they trust.

What Information Needs to Be on a Tagless Label

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), under the Textile and Wool Acts,  there are three components that must be included on a tagless label:

  1. Fabric content
  2. Country of Origin
  3. Manufacturer

Check out the page on the FTC’s website here to read further information on the matter.

Additional Information to Include on your Custom Tagless Labels

Now that you’ve included all of the information that is required, you can consider the additional information that is important to you and your business. The first additional piece of information to include on a custom tagless label is your logo! The neck label is a great location for an additional shameless plug. If room allows, consider adding a contact number, website, or social media handle.

Two other important pieces of information to include are garment size and care instructions. It’s important and expected to find the garment size on the care label. By including care instructions both educates and facilitates a longer lifespan of the garment. Care instructions can be written out in words or using representative icons.

Check out the example above. From left to right, the three symbols of the care instructions mean: wash at or below 86° Fahrenheit, low temperature tumble dry, and do not iron.

Custom Tagless Labels

When it comes to custom tagless labels there are really two main decisions: finalized artwork design and color!

There are two routes to be taken when it comes to designing custom tagless labels: use an existing design or create a new one. There are numerous platforms to create your own design such as Adobe Photoshop or InDesign, or for those of us lacking digital design skills- Canva! Once you are pleased with your chosen artwork, send it to Inkcups and we will create a proof for approval and then laser etch your plate. This is a great area to outsource to Inkcups as it eliminates the expense of a laser plate maker.  For more information, visit our dedicated page to Pad Printing Plate Etching Services.

While you create your artwork consider which color would best suit your design. The latest ink added to the pad printing ink offerings by Inkcups is the SB Eco Series for Apparel Tags which consists of 24 different color options. This ink shows soft hand properties which means upon touch it goes unnoticed.

Additional Resources

Here at Inkcups we believe in providing you with the most information to ensure a positive and productive printing process. We have many resources available to you, many being found within the section you’re visiting right now– the Blog! Within the blog you can navigate through years of compiled facts, features, and Inkcups updates.

One blog to pay particular attention to if you found this post beneficial is A Shirt Label is Worth 1000 Words. Did you know that bedding, like sheets and pillowcases must have a label that includes the fiber content, country of origin and manufacturer? Fascinating! Another invaluable resource provided on the Inkcups Tagless site is What is a Neck Label? For all the visual learners out there, this page is for you. Still thinking about buying garment printer tags? Learn more about the benefits of printing them yourself.

Find out More

If this sounds of interest to you consider visiting us at a trade show! The next trade show that the tagless team will be attending is EXPO PRODUCCIÓN® in Mexico City. For a complete list of upcoming trade shows visit out Events page. Trade shows are a great opportunity to see live demonstrations, talk to sales representatives in person, and learn new tricks! The energy at trade shows is always lively and upbeat.

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