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Pad Printing Pads

Printing Pads      

Printing Pads

Inkcups Now is a major producer of printing pads for all types of pad printing machines. We carry the broadest range of printing pad silicones in the industry, accompanied by highly competitive pricing as well as the service and support you have come to expect from the best.

All silicone formulations are designed to deliver crisp, high resolution images with superior wear characteristics. Inkcups Now specializes in providing printing pads that break-in rapidly, deliver the highest quality images and exhibit long-lasting durability. Hundreds of standard shapes are available; specialty shape pads are produced on a regular basis.

Same Day Shipping Now Available!

Announcing same day shipping on select pad printing pads! Inkcups Now expert technicians have chosen sixteen pads that are to be eligible for same day shipping. These sixteen pads are considered to be suitable for 90% of all printing applications.

Instead of the typical 2-3 day wait time, pads are made and held in stock. All pads are Everflex® material made in 2 different durometers (50 / 60 Durometer) and will include a ½" thick wooden base with a 3/8-16 insert in order to accommodate hard or soft applications.

View the full list of pads here: Same Day Pad Printing Pads

Selection of Printing Pads

In general, the hardest (highest durometer), sharpest angle, printing pad will provide the best quality printed image. Exceptions to this rule relate to printing machine pad compression capability, pad height restriction and substrate characteristics including shape, surface texture and the ability to resist pressure. The optimum size of the printing pad should be a minimum of 20% larger than the desired image size.
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ICN Pad Materials:

Pad Printing Pads: Everflex EVERFLEX® (Neon Pink Color)
This durable silicone has excellent ink transfer qualities and is extremely resistant to abrasion and tears. It has no break-in time, provides exceptional fine line detail and has excellent resistance to "image burn-in" and "memory." This high-tensile strength silicone has exceptional life and works with all ink types.
Pad Printing Pads: All-Flex New!   PROMOFLEX (Orange Color)
Developed for the demanding needs of the promotional products industry, the PromoFlex material has an exceptionally high resistance to solvent and abrasion, which prevents premature pad failure related to image burns and cuts. The surface promotes complete ink transfer from the pad, resulting in highly opaque and crisp printed images on all surfaces.
Pad Printing Pads: All-Flex ALL-FLEX (Bright Blue Color)
This popular material has been sold in the industry for many years and can be recognized by its distinctive blue color and excellent ink pickup and transfer capabilities. It is a general purpose pad material known for quick break-in period and ability to be used with many types of inks.
Pad Printing Pads: Crystalflex CRYSTALFLEX (Semitransparent)
CrystalFlex has the highest density molecular structure of all ICN pad materials so it does not absorb solvents that end up drying the pad. This silicone features time release conditioning agent that keeps the pad durometer consistent for the life of the pad. The semitransparent material allows the pad print operator to instantly see and remove ink leftovers (if any) from the pad, facilitating clean crisp prints. CrystalFlex perfectly suits printing on textured items, such as golf balls, automotive components and switches.
Pad Printing Pads: Instaprint INSTAPRINT (Off White Color)
This popular silicone is a relatively "dry" and is known for its instant break in time and its ability to get full ink release in high quality prints. This pad has very good life with average cut resistance.
Pad Printing Pads: Duraflex DURAFLEX (Brick Red Color)
This silicone is somewhat oily and has very good abrasion, chemical and cut resistance. Its ink release qualities are very good and the silicone generally works well with two-components inks. The life of the pad is very good, however this silicone has been found to be susceptible to static related printing problems.
Pad Printing Pads: Ultraflex ULTRAFLEX (Light Blue Color)
This specialty silicone is slightly oily and has very good ink release characteristics. It is a very long life silicone, especially when used with two-component ink.

Pad Durometer

(Shore 00 from 40 to 80)

Standard printing pads range in durometer from soft (for specialty application) 40 durometer pads to harder (for precision printing) 80 durometer pads. All ICN printing pads are carefully inspected prior to shipment and can be manufactured in durometer increments of 5 with a tolerance of plus or minus 2.5.

Accessory Products for Printing Pads

Printing Pad Cleaner:

Nu-Life - Pad Cleaner

The Nu-Life print pad cleaner provides superior cleaning of pad surfaces. It contains proprietary components and is available only from ICN. Simply the best cleaner on the market!

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Printing Pad Conditioner and Restorer

Nu-Pad - Pad Conditioner & Restorer

The Nu-Pad conditioner and restorer replenishes printing pad oils lost due to abrasion and solvent influences. This unique product significantly extends print pad life and facilitates crisp image transfer.

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