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ICN Laser Plates for CO2 and YAG Lasers

Inkcups Now pioneered computer-to-plate technology in the pad printing industry. Our engineers have developed the largest selection of laser engravable plates on the market. The plates were specifically designed to accommodate varying applications and machine types; we hold patents on the various plate materials.

ICN Laser Plate Advantages

ICN laser engravable plates are a revolutionary product that brings simplicity and repeatability when creating pad printing plates:
  • ICN laser plates are designed to be etched with either CO2 or YAG lasers. The plates can be etched on our Cobalt laser systems or nearly any industry standard laser engraver, provided the machine has updated software, a small dot size, quality and power control settings.

  • Unlike traditional plate-making with photosensitive plates, laser plate-making is a computer-to-plate process, which does not involve film positives or chemicals. Laser plates enable first generation etching with exceptional depth and halftone control. Laser engravable plates can be etched within just a few minutes.

  • No minimum order quantities required!
If you don’t have a laser system or are looking to upgrade it, check out Inkcups Now's line of Cobalt laser engravers and plate-makers.


ICN Line of Laser Engravable Plates:

CrystaLAZE laser plates

CrystaLAZE® Plates
For CO2 Lasers

The CrystaLAZE® plate material (patent pending) can be etched with any CO2 laser engraver 20Watts or lower, (the Cobalt 300 is recommended). Developed solely for CO2 laser engravers, the surface of CrystaLAZE® is compatible with the CO2 wavelength enabling the finest detail to be etched – more than any CO2 laser plate material available today!

CrystaLAZE® plates come with a blue protective peel sheet in order to prevent scratching. It has a uniform, consistent hardness that will perform perfectly all the time and withstand up to 20,000 impressions.

MegaLAZE laser plates

MegaLAZE Plates
For CO2 Lasers

The MegaLAZE plate material (formerly known as Markem Ultra Plates) are high performace aluminum backed plates. Markem has recently discontinued the plate material and Inkcups Now saw great opportunity because these low cost plates are easy to etch with a CO2 laser and doctor extremely well.

The MegaLAZE plate material are double-sided, meaning you can etch up to 4 images on 1 plate! Each etch can withstand about 15,000 - 20,000 impressions.

Gold laser plates

Premium Laser Gold Plates
For CO2 Lasers

To make the best of the Gold plates, you need a laser system with the power of at least 10W. The Laser Gold plate material for CO2 laser engravers is gold in color and 0.029 inch thick. It has a glossy finish, which facilitates clean doctoring.

The Gold plate material provides complete depth and halftone control with exceptional reproducibility of dot pattern for a most wide variety of graphics, with either bold or fine lines. To etch this material, you need the Cobalt 300 laser plate-maker or another laser engraver with the power not less than 10Watt and no more than 30Watt.

Laser Gold plates can have a life of up to 40 000 impressions.

Orange laser plates

Premium Laser Orange Plates
For CO2 Lasers

The Laser Orange plate material for CO2 laser engravers is orange in color and 0.019 inch thick. It is a relatively hard material, which makes it perfect for fine lines and details. It also accepts any other type of graphic.

Laser Orange is especially advantageous if one is running different printing machines with various types of cups, rings or doctor blades: the plates' matte finish gives some latitude for doctoring.

To etch this material, you need the Cobalt 300 laser plate-maker or another laser engraver with the power not less than 10Watt and no more than 30Watt.

Laser Orange plates have a life of approximately 30 000 impressions.

Gold laser plates

Premium Laser Red Plates
For CO2 Lasers

The Laser Red plate material for CO2 laser engravers is red in color and 0.020 inch thick. This material accepts any type of graphic. It is one of the hardest of the CO2 plate materials by Inkcups Now, making it very durable and excellent for the use with both ceramic and steel rings.

To etch this material, you need the Cobalt 300 laser plate-maker or another laser engraver with the power not less than 10Watt and no more than 30Watt.

The life of Laser Red is approximately 100 000 impressions.

Cobalt® plates - for YAG laser

The Cobalt® is our most diverse plate material. All types of Cobalt® plates are designed to accommodate a broad range of graphics, from bold images to fine lines. Cobalt®'s proprietary coating is held to extremely tight tolerance for guaranteed depth control, which enables consistent laser settings from batch to batch. The surface finish of the Cobalt® plates is high gloss for excellent plate clearing; dot pattern control is easily achieved for exceptional print quality.

To etch the Cobalt® plate material, you need the Cobalt 1000 laser plate-maker or another laser engraver with the power not less than 10 and no more than 30Watt.

Cobalt laser plates

STANDARD Cobalt® Laser Plates
For YAG Lasers

The Standard Cobalt® plate material works very well for any type of graphics. The thickness of this material is ideal for the use with magnetic ink cups. The plates are designed to flex into the ink cup creating a perfect seal on the inner edge of the ceramic ring.

The Standard Cobalt® plates are 0.012" thick and can be etched on both sides for up to four images per plate. The life of a plate is approximately 15,000-20,000 impressions.

Cobalt laser plates

Cobalt® ULTRA Laser Plates
For YAG Lasers

The new Cobalt® Ultra plate material is thicker than Standard Cobalt®, resulting in improved resistance to damage and longer life. Increased thickness also leads to increased stability and makes these plates ideal for large bold images as well as for the use with non-magnetic ink cups and ink cups with steel rings.

These double-sided plates are 0.016" thick and have a life of approximately 15,000-20,000 impressions.

Cobalt steel back laser plates

Cobalt® Steel Back Laser Plates
For YAG Lasers

One of ICN's most recent innovations is the Cobalt® Steel Back plate material. Having the same universal applicability as the whole Cobalt® family of plates, it is the thickest and the most durable of them. It is perfect for extended production runs. As an additional benefit, these plates work great with both magnetic and non-magnetic ink cups as they combine the stability of the Cobalt® Ultra and steel backing.

This unique laser plate material is 0.030" thick. It is able to withstand approximately 30,000 impressions.

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