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CrystaLaze® Pad Printing Plate (Cliche)

CrystaLaze® Pad Printing Plate (Cliche)

The CrystaLAZE® plate material (patent pending) can be etched with any CO2 laser engraver 40 watts or lower, (the Cobalt PRO is recommended). Developed solely for CO2 laser engravers, the surface of CrystaLAZE® is compatible with the CO2 wavelength enabling the finest detail to be etched – more than any CO2 laser plate material available today!

CrystaLAZE® plates come with a blue protective peel sheet in order to prevent scratching. It has a uniform, consistent hardness that will perform perfectly all the time and withstand up to 10,000 impressions.

  • Etch with any Co2 Laser Engraver
  • Withstand up to 10,000 impressions


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