Ben graduated college with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and immediately went to work by starting a residential painting company. Although the company was thriving, Ben’s mother suggested he get a “real job” – and at last, that degree was put to good use.

In 1988, Ben joined Autoroll Machine Corporation, a specialty printing machine and supply company. During his ten years with the company, Ben received several promotions and eventually ran operations for the pad printing and supply division, He also earned his MBA during this time, and eventually left the company when it was sold in 1998.

Inkcups was born in 2001 after Ben’s two-year non-compete agreement expired. In the early days, Ben ran Inkcups from his home and had an early idea to pioneer a universal ink cup for nearly all pad printing machines. This idea came to fruition when he began selling his patented ink cup and ceramic rings.

Since then, Inkcups has grown steadily with several important new products.  Today Inkcups is recognized as an international market leader in innovation for printing equipment and supplies.


B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Vermont

MBA, Entrepreneurship, Babson College