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Patented universal design ink cups -
VersaCup & ToughCup

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Ink Cups that Fit
Virtually Every Pad Printing Machine

VersaCup® Ink Cup

The VersaCup® (patent 2003) is one of the breakthrough products invented by Inkcups Now engineers. These unique ink cups contribute to efficiency and productivity of pad printing process by its universal adaptability. One ink cup can now be used on many different types and brands of pad printing machine. Until VersaCup®, the trend in the industry was for each pad printing machine manufacturer to engineer its own proprietary ink cups thus limiting customers to a single and usually expensive source for new and replacement ink cups. VersaCup® from Inkcups Now has changed all of that and now offers a practical alternative to expensive dedicated ink cups.

VersaCup® ink cups can be utilized on nearly every sealed cup pad printing machine in a decorating department, regardless of manufacturer or model. It reduces ink cup inventory, simplifies changeovers, improves productivity and diminishes operating costs.

Benefits of VersaCup® and ToughCup ink cups:

  • Lower costs for both ink cups and ceramic rings
  • Damaged ceramic rings can be easily removed, flipped over or quickly replaced on site
  • Two sided ceramic rings have double the life than single sided rings
  • Low-profile design prolongs ink life and reduces ink waste
  • Ceramic rings are more robust than brittle steel rings and are less prone to damage
  • Ceramic rings extend polymer plate life
  • "Encapsulated" magnets reduce time for ink changeover and eliminate plate damage from loose or flaking magnets

ToughCup Ink Cup

Click image for close-up:             
ToughCup The ToughCup is a more sophisticated and green version of the VersaCup®. It has the same universal adaptability as the VersaCup®, plus the benefits of a proprietary micro-surface coating:
  • The low-tension surface designed to repel inks and solvent, drastically simplifies cleaning.
  • The ToughCup reduces changeover time when switching colors.
  • It is ideal for people who use 2-component inks. It is possible to clean the cup even after accidentally leaving the ink and hardener mix in it for a considerable amount of time.
  • The surface has superior resistance to attacks from solvents, pigment abrasion and mechanical wear. It is Tough!
  • The ToughCup ink cup significantly reduces the use of solvents needed for cleaning. It is Green!
Watch how easy it is to clean the ToughCup in this ink cup cleaninng video.

VersaCup® and ToughCup Compatibility with Pad Print Machines

Manufacturer Pad Printing Machine Series
Autoroll Padflex
Comec XE, XP, LPE
Imtran GS, ES, VS
Kent PP, PPD, Alien
Pad Print Machinery XE, XP, LPE
Printing International  
Tampoprint Hermetic, Rapid, Sealed Ink Cup
Tosh and Others Logica
Trans Tech Sealcup, Combi, Dueseal, Hermetic
United Silicone Uniprinter

Replacement 120mm Ink Cup for Printex
We Give Our Cups Superior Design - Read On:

Click image for close-up:
120mm ink cup for Pintex The replacement 120mm VersaCup® ink cup for Printex pad printers is designed to supersede the original. If you click on the picture, you will see that Printex ink cup (on the left) has ink particles stuck between the edge and the four magnets, which are extremely difficult to clean. You may also notice that the nickel plating on some of Printex' magnets wore out and evidently had been scratching the printing plates for some time.

By contrast, the VersaCup® (on the right) has enclosed magnet in the middle making it easy to clean and keeping ink in nice suspension while printing. The magnet's coating prevents the plates from being scratched. As all VersaCups®, it comes with a double-sided ceramic ring, which means that the ring will last you at least twice as long as Printex' single-sided ring. There is no need to send the VersaCup® to us to have the ring turned over - you can flip it yourself using our Ring Removal Tool. Here is a demo of ring removal.

Ink Cup Retrofit Kit
Turn your Inkwell Printer into a Sealed Cup Printer!

Click image for close-up:

Ink cup retrofit kit for inkwell pad printers Tired of your inkwell pad printer? Is it outdated and difficult to use?
You can turn virtually any model of inkwell pad printer into a state-of-the-art
sealed cup printing machine!

The retrofit kit contains spring plunger, ink cup mount bracket and anti-rotate pin. It is easy to mount. You will be enjoying the upgrade in no time! Please feel free to call with any questions: 978-646-8980.

Team Inkcups Local Sales & Tech Support
We have direct sales people in the US (MA, NY, CA, IA, GA), Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras. We also have respresentatives in Colombia and Dominican Republic.

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