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Silicone ink  

SI: Silicone Ink

Ink for Pad Printing or Screen Printing onto wristbands, iPhone cases, swim caps and other products made of silicone!

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SI Ink - for Silicone

For Pad Printing or Screen Printing

SI-Series Silicone Ink can print on any items made of silicone rubber including iPad/iPhone cases, custom silicone wristbands, oven mitts, swimming caps, remote controls and any other popular promotional items made of silicone.

Simply mix, print and cure. Once fully cured, SI Series Silicone ink has a high resistance to abrasion and has great flexibility: bent or stretched, the print will not crack. Silicone Ink is highly glossy 2 component ink. Curing time takes 6-8 minutes at 200-250°F.

Silicone wristbands, for example, are always stretched when put on or taken off. When worn, the silicone wristband frequently rubs against various surfaces. The ink needs to handle a lot of wear and tear... SI Ink is that product!

Put the SI Series to the test! Sample kits are available. Kits include: Sample size of SI-160 white or SI-165 Black, SI-Solvent and SI-H hardener.

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Substrates: Typical Applications:
Silicone rubber Promotional Products
Silicone wristbands
Buttons for controllers
Touch pads

Mixing Preparation
(2 component ink)

The required mix ratio is ten parts by weight of ink to one part by weight of hardener. When machine mixing, avoid prolonged high speeds. Placing the material in a closed container in a cool (below 50°F) environment will extend the mixed pot life. The separate components may be stored in closed containers up to one year at room temperature (72°F). Adhesion improves with increased post curing. Because pigments can settle during storage is suggested that the Silicone Ink be stirred before use. Add the hardener to the ink to assure complete dispersion. Mixing may be done by hand with a spatula or by machine. Avoid stirring in an excessive amount of air.

Solvent: If the mixed viscosity is too thick for a specific application, SI Solvent is available to alter the viscosity for a specific application. Ink solvent is environmentally friendly, it has zero VOCs and will not adversely affect the adhesion of the system.
Attention: the use of any solvents or retarders other than those in SI series may adversely affect printing and adhesion.

Drying: Silicone Ink must be dried at 200-250°F (93-212°C) for 6-8 minutes.
Caution: Silicone Ink is not compatable with all types of silicones. Contact with some materials will inhibit the drying of Silicone Ink. A small-scale compatibility test is always recommended.

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