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Pad Printing of Apparel Tags - Alternative to Heat Transfer for Apparel Manufacturers

Turn-Key Tag Printing Solution from Inkcups Now

Inkcups Now has assisted many companies, from very small to very large, in setting up Tag printing operation. We offer a turnkey solution for printing neck labels on t-shirts, sweatshirts, underwear, outerwear and other garments. Pad Printing of apparel tags (also known as inkcup printing) is a cost-effective and flexible alternative to Heat Transfer Labels. Printed tags cost less, last longer, allow for faster production and can be modified in-house. Read a detailed comparison of Tagless Pad Printing versus Heat Transfer Labels.

We have everything you need to go Label-Free:
Click image for close-up:
Tagless label pad printing

We also have Spanish-speaking specialists who provide tech support to customers in Central and South America. Look up the phone number and call your regional Inkcups office.

Here is one of the success stories - a case study about Cupid Intimates going tagless with the help from Inkcups Now.

What is Tag Printing or Label-Free Printing?

Click image for close-up:
T-shirt labels

Tag printing - also known as "inkcup printing" and "label-free printing" - is perhaps one of the hottest trends in apparel manufacturing and promotional apparel industry today.

Apparel manufacturers started looking for alternatives to sew-in t-shirt labels and garment tags several years ago, mainly because they were trying to make the consumer more comfortable in their clothes. The most popular solution was to use labels that adhere to the fabric by Heat Transfer (also known as Thermal Transfer).

However, heat transfer labels did not always solve consumer problems because these labels often were not soft enough to the touch (not "soft hand" as people in the screen printing industry put it). In addition, heat transfer labels have caused skin allergies in a small percentage of babies and adults. On the production side, thermal transfer labels were not convenient for short runs because they had to be purchased in high volumes, with long lead times.

Long story short, a much better alternative was found: Pad Printing. Tagless pad printing takes care of all these shortcomings - here is a comparison chart of heat transfer labels and pad printed tags.

Click image for close-up:
Printed tag

Main Benefits of Pad Printing (Inkcup Printing) of Tags:

  • Flexibility - easily change graphics on garments based on need, reduce inventory costs and eliminate label stock
  • Cost savings - pad printed labels are less expensive than thermal transfer
  • Better durability - no cracking of the label
  • Tags air-dry almost instantly - so the operator can stack and pack right after printing
  • High quality image - as small as 4 pt type
  • High productivity - from 600 to 1500 pph (prints per hour) depending on the graphic and printing operator's skill
  • Does not damage fabric - does not effect garment texture
  • Has "soft hand" - does not have a rough texture
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Tag Printing FAQs!

Many types of apparel - from underwear to activewear and outerwear - can be decorated using tagless technology. The tags printed on t-shirts, socks, bras, boxers, briefs, sweatshirts and sweatpants are higher quality and cheaper than heat transfer or sew-in neck labels. Among suitable materials are: cotton, nylon, flock, fleece and ribbed textiles. Read Tagless Printing FAQs.

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We have direct sales people in the US (MA, NY, CA, IA, GA), Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras. We also have respresentatives in Colombia and Dominican Republic.

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Tagless pad printing Apparel Tag Printing!

Turnkey solution for tagless t-shirt printing: complete line of Equipment & Supplies, plus unlimited tech support!

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