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Plate Exposure Unit

Exposure Units

Plate exposure unit and laser engravers for pad printing plate making

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Plate Exposure Unit & Laser Plate Makers

Autolight Plate Exposure Unit Alternative -
BPL 732 and BPL 1220

Plate exposure unit

The BPL series pad printing plate exposure unit is easy-to-use for low cost sharp and even photopolymer plates. These simple plate makers can do virtually everything that far more expensive units do.

BPL 1220 BPL 732
   BPL 1220 is a general purpose unit:

  • Plates size: up to 12” x 20”
  • Lamps: Six 20 watt UV exposure bulbs
  • Overall size: 15” L x 29” W x 7” H
  • Automatic exposure cycle shut-off
   BPL 732 is tailored for long images:

  • Large Exposure Area: 7” X 32”
  • Lamps: Four 30 watt UV exposure bulbs
  • Overall size: 9 ½” H x 38” W x 8” H
  • Digital Timer: 0—99.99 min. with red LED readout. Automatic reset at end of each exposure

Cobalt Laser Plate Makers

           Click image to expand: Laser plate makers
For advanced plate making, check out our Cobalt laser plate makers – revolutionary time and cost-saving computer to plate systems. Make a perfect printing plate in 1 to 5 minutes in just four easy steps! This technology ensures improved and repeatable imaging.

Learn more: benefits of laser plate making.

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