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Cobalt 1000  

Fiber laser platemaker and laser etching machine

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COBALT 1000 Laser Etching Machine - Fiber Laser Engraver

Plate-Making Capabilities

The revolutionary COBALT 1000 laser etching machine is a computer to plate printing system designed to produce high resolution pad printing plates. This highly productive, compact fiber laser is a breakthrough product for the pad printing industry. The COBALT 1000 fiber laser engraver eliminates many inconsistencies in the pad printing process while at the same time offering dramatic quality, efficiency and process improvements over existing plate technologies.
And if this were not enough, the COBALT 1000 laser etching machine is able to engrave thin steel and thick steel cliché as well as other metallic items.

At Inkcups Now we have every reason to believe that Computer to Plate Printing is pad printing's future and that the laser for computer to plate printing is bound to become a must-have piece of pad printing equipment for the vast majority of pad printers. Experience the advantages of the future today!

Engraving Capabilities

Cobalt 1000 fiber laser etching machine engraves a most wide range of substrates and products.

Examples of products:
Examples of substrates:
  • pens
  • golf clubs
  • cutlery
  • carabiners
  • key tags
  • awards
  • tools
  • packaging
  • metal (stainless steel, silver, aluminum etc.)
  • leather, artificial leather
  • glass
  • textile (acrylic, jean)
  • paper
  • rubber


Laser Etching Machine Standard Features Features and Benefits of Computer to Plate Printing:

  • 10 watt (Class VI) fiber laser
  • Self-centering plate clamp system
  • Vertical micro-adjust system
  • Marking area: 120mm x 120mm (4.72" x 4.72")
  • Operating area: 400mm x 400mm (15.74" x 15.74")
  • Cobalt computer to plate printing Software package - handles Adobe Illustrator and .dxf files
  • Adjustable power, frequency and speed settings
  • Network capable
  • Current: 5 Amps Voltage: 110V
  • Machine Dimensions: 19"W x 31"L x 27"H
  • Shipping Weight: 145 lbs
Process Improvements
  • Improved print quality - laser plates are 1st generation so there is no loss of resolution due to film
  • Etched Cobalt® laster plates are 100% repeatable
  • Improved ink lay down - laser engraved plates have a straight walled etching and more precise inkwell profile than polymer plates
  • Cobalt® plates can be made with "combination etching" - halftones for bold areas and open etch for fine graphics.
  • Used laser engraver plates are easily stored and edges do not curl over time.
Direct Cost Savings
  • Computer to plate printing eliminates film costs - image-setter or laser film
  • Eliminate chemical costs - image-setter fixer, developer, and plate toner cartridges
  • Eliminate Maintenance Contracts for image-setter and processor
  • Eliminate hazardous waste stream and supply shipping costs
Time and Efficiency Savings
  • Reduce plate making time - 2 to 3 minutes for a Cobalt® laser plate VS. 15 minutes for a polymer plate
  • Eliminate bad plates - total depth control gives consistent plates every time
  • Eliminate pad printing machine downtime - operators waiting for bad plates to be re-delivered

Add-Ons for Automated Engraving

Linear Motion Table

Linear motion for laser etcher

Linear Motion Table allows automated engraving of long items
(graduations) as well as etching multi-color pad printing plates.

Auxiliary Equipment:
RX4 Ventilation System

This advanced ventilation and exhaust system is a recommended feature for the Inkcups Now Cobalt 1000 Laser. The RX4 will eliminate dust, debris, and any gases to keep your ICN Cobalt 1000 clean and reduce maintenance while filtering up to 99.7% of particles from the air. As all equipment from Inkcups Now, this ventilation system is reliable and user-friendly.

Standard Features:
  • 16 ga. welded steel cabinet with powder-coat finish Filter System
  • Polyester prefilter
  • Pleated panel filter, 85% efficient ASHRAE; HEPA filter, 99.7 % eff.;
  • 5 lbs. blended adsorbent cell
  • Centrifugal blower with ½ hp, no-lube, 20,000 hr MTBF motor
  • One flex collector tube, 3" x 48"
  • Gas Sensor/Filter Saturation Indicator
  • 110 Volt, 1.2 Amps

Laser Plates Laser Engravable Plates

Powerful and easy upgrade for the plate-making process! Make plates from graphic files with a CO2 or fiber laser.

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