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60mm Ink Cup

60mm Cups

Universal ink cups

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Ink Cups - 60mm

60mm Ink Cup

53mm Markem - Standard Ink Cup

This 53mm ink cup works on any standard Markem machine. This ink cup features a strong metal cup sitting on top of a double sided ceramic ring.
60mm Ink Cup

60mm Versacup - for ICN-B100 & ICN-2200PS

Part #: 012062
This ink cup works on any ICN-B100 or ICN-2200PS pad printer. Ideal for conserving ink when an image is less than 55mm in diameter.
60mm Ink Cup

60mm Versacup - Standard Magnetic Ink Cup

Part #: 012066
This universal ink cup works on any standard pad print machine that uses magnetic ink cups. Popular models include Comec, Pad Print Machinery of Vermont, Autoroll, Imtran, Mugen Seiki.
60mm Hermetic Ink Cup

60mm Hermetic Ink Cup - for Tampoprint & Tran Tech

Part #: 012063
Ideal replacement ink cup for Tampoprint Hermetic, Rapid, EP pad printers. Also fits Trans Tech Sealcup machine models.
60mm Hermetic1 Ink Cup

60mm Hermetic Encoder - for older Tampoprint

Part #: 012067
For older model Tampoprint machines with "top hat" shaped cups. The flange is flat and not tapered like on newer machines.
60mm Tosh Ink Cup

60mm Ink Cup - for Printex

Part #: 012061
This ink cup features an easy to clean 0.75" opening designed for Printex cup drive shafts.
60mm Tosh Ink Cup

60mm Ink Cup - for Tosh

Part #: 012065
This specialty ink cup features steel insert designed for Tosh drive shafts, anti-rotate locations and double sided ceramic ring.
60mm Teca Ink Cup

60mm Ink Cup - for Teca

Part #: 012064
Features specialized hex shaped center insert for Teca machines which enables cup rotation. Also has magnetic hold down capabilities and two sided ceramic ring
Ring Removal Tool

60mm Ring Removal Tool

Part #: 53-R and 60-R
Designed for use on all 53mm and 60mm ink cup assemblies. Easily removes the ceramic ring without damaging the doctoring surface.

Demo: How to use the Ring Removal Tool
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