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Pad Printing Supplies

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Pad printing supplies is a major focus of Inkcups Now. We take pride in our complete line of supply products that is backed up by strong knowledge of the pad, screen, laser and inkjet marketplaces.  We understand the printing processes down to the finest details and are able to provide impartial product recommendations and accurate technical advice on process improvements. We frequently get calls from companies who have purchased competitive equipment, but come to ICN for printing supplies and assistance.

For hundreds of companies ICN serves as the source of all pad printing supplies, from mixing sticks to color matched inks [link to Services] and laser engravable plates.

Most pad printing supplies are manufactured in-house, enabling rapid fulfillment of orders and exceptional quality control. Our experienced staff is always available to assist you with pad printing process and product selection. Call us with your questions, we will always be happy to help!

ICN line of Pad Printing Supplies:

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Pad Printing Suplies: InkInks – Sapphire® series ink is a line of vibrant pad printing & screen printing inks; all series are California Proposition 65 compliant.
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Pad Printing Suplies: Thinners and Aux Thinners & Auxiliaries – thinners, primers, ink removers formulated for Sapphire® inks and competing ink brands.

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Pad Printing Suplies: Photopolymer Plates

Photopolymer Plates – alcohol and water wash photosensitive printing plates (clichés).

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Pad Printing Suplies: Laser Plates

Laser Plates – revolutionary YAG & CO2 laser engravable plates.

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Pad Printing Suplies: VersaCup
VersaCup® Ink Cups – patented ink cup that fits different makes and models of pad printing machines.

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Pad Printing Suplies: Printing Pads
Printing Pads – rectangular, rooftop, round, square and custom-made shapes; several silicone formulations and durometers.
New! Unique Printing Pad Search Engine: find the right pad among hundreds, quick and easy!

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Pad Printing Suplies: Aux Supplies

Pad Print Auxiliary Supplies – find Doctor Blades available in cut lengths or coil form, for polymer, laser or steel plate material. And also all the items that make pad printing production go smoothly: safety cans and cabinets, eye loops, depth measurement tools, gloves, towels etc.

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For ink mixing scales, exposure units, washers, dryers and ink dispensers visit Screen & Pad Print Accessory page.

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Pad Printing Suplies: Ceramic Rings

Ceramic Rings – double sided ceramic doctoring rings that fit the ICN VersaCup® and a wide variety of magnetic ink cups.

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Custom Holding Fixtures – Need to decorate golf or ping-pong balls, other round or irregular-shaped products? We can make tooling fixtures to hold these items in place for quality printing.
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Team Inkcups Local Sales & Tech Support
We have direct sales people in the US (MA, NY, CA, IA, GA), Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras. We also have respresentatives in Colombia and Dominican Republic.

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Turnkey solution for tagless t-shirt printing: complete line of Equipment & Supplies, plus unlimited tech support!

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