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Training & Advising

All ICN equipment comes with free training at select company locations in USA, Canada and Honduras.

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Training and Advising

At Inkcups, we not only teach customers how to operate a particular machine - we make sure the customer understands the entire printing or etching process, both fundamentals and fine details. We will walk you through everything from artwork preparation and plate making to pad selection, ink mixing, using equipment and fixtures - so you feel confident and can get the best from our products.

Trainers make a special emphasis on:
  • Machine setup, operation, adjustment and troubleshooting
  • Proper ink transfer and its relationships with plate etch depth, ink/thinner mix and pad material
  • Choice of the right design of pads depending on machine, artwork and object
  • Use of laser settings for best etching results

All training is done by laser etching, pad and screen printing industry experts, each of them having more than10 years of hands-on printing, engraving and instructional experience. These include the engineers and technicians at ICN headquarters and the sales people in the regions. Training, technical support and advising is one of the fields where ICN’s exceptional team excels!


  1. Free of charge training at Inkcups Now facilities (Danvers, MA) – for customers who purchased a pad printer, screen printer, laser engraver, inkjet system or any other piece of equipment.
  2. Training at customer’s facilities: equipment buyers get deep discounts.
  3. Expert audit and optimization of printing processes at customer’s site. We have helped many customers improve production quality and profitability!

1. Training at Inkcups Now

When you buy a machine from us, we strongly recommend that you come in to our facilities for free training. In our experience, it results in the most effective learning. Firstly, because here we always have every piece of equipment, supply, auxiliary, variety of graphic files and samples needed for training. Secondly, you will not be distracted by everyday business. And last but not least, we are always able to show you the latest technology available for 3-D product decoration, should a further production upgrade be of interest to you.

Training usually takes one full day. It encompasses all the steps involved in printing/engraving as well as practical training using the equipment you purchased. You are welcome to stay longer; some customers use another day or two to practice imprinting a variety of products and materials that they plan on decorating - or to observe new equipment testing, ink and plate handling etc. We don't want customers to leave until they have a strong understanding and dependable skills, says one of ICN's lead engineers and sales director Mike Bissel.

2. Training at Customer's Facility

If you prefer, an ICN specialist will travel to your facility. This option may be cost effective if a large number of people require training. When you buy equipment from us, we provide significant discounts on our rates.

We will customize training sessions according to your preferences. Training can last for one or several days, can be broken into segments, delivered to different shifts, management (to train the management is often a good idea because this gives managers better insight into production challenges), etc. Again, we like to cover all the bases demonstrating machines in the context of the entire printing process.

3. Onsite Audit of Printing Processes

Several medium and large size companies have asked for audit service. In this case, we send a specialist to review the tools and procedures currently used in production and identify options for improvement. Being on the edge of technological developments and armed with years of experience in the printing industry, ICN specialists have helped our clients increase productivity and cut costs.

Team Inkcups Local Sales & Tech Support
We have direct sales people in the US (MA, NY, CA, IA, GA), Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras. We also have respresentatives in Colombia and Dominican Republic.

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