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Leasing vs Used Pad Printing Equipment

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Used Pad Printing Equipment?
Lease instead!

New: Lease an Inkcups' screen or pad printer for only $230/month!

Rather than buying used pad printing equipment which may be old, out of date or in poor working order, consider leasing brand new pad printing equipment from Inkcups Now.
Inkcups Now provides leasing services through J3 Global Finance, a company closely held by a group of Inkcups Now employees. You can lease any ICN equipment: pad printing machines, screen printing machines, inkjet machines, laser systems.

Financing equipment purchases is a convenient option for those customers who would like to
add capacity, improve technology or get started with their first machines at a minimal monthly cost, preserving their working capital. In most cases, lease payments are a tax-deductible business expense.

With J3, you will enjoy competitive rates, quick approvals and considerable flexibility in lease conditions. Should you choose to upgrade your equipment or purchase an additional item, we make it easy to modify the lease.

Pad Printing Equipment Leasing Options:

  Down Payment Monthly Payment Term
1 Color Machine    $2,000    $230    24 months
2 Color Machine    $2,000    $275    24 months
Screen Printer    $3,500    $370    24 months

* 10% buyout option at end of lease
Inkcups Now Lease Breakeven Calculator
Enter Lease Payment in Dollars
Standard Lease Payments for a 1 color pad printer are $230, Payments for a 2 color pad printer are $275
Enter Impression per Hour
Maximum Rate for a 1 color machine is 1800iph, max. rate for a 2 color machine is 1000iph
Enter Charge per Impression
How much do you charge per impression? $.06 is average for a 1color print, $.10 is average for a 2 color print


Benefits of Leasing New vs. Buying Used Pad Printing Equipment:


Leasing allows you to conserve your cash for times when you need it most.
100% Financing

Leasing allows you to acquire the pad printing equipment you need now without a major cash outlay.
Tax Advantages

You can get significant tax advantages by leasing your equipment. IRS Section 179 allows businesses to write off up to $100,000 in leased equipment.
Off Balance Sheet Financing

Avoid leveraging your business by taking on additional debt to purchase equipment. Leasing allows you to maintain key debt and leverage ratios.
Fixed Payment

The cost of borrowing money is at an all time low. Lease a machine now instead of purchasing used pad printing equipment to lock in a low monthly lease payment.
Avoid Capital Budget Restrictions

Leasing allows you to acquire equipment you need today without being subject to yearly capital budget restrictions.
Conserve Bank Lines

Obtaining equipment through leasing allows you to conserve your bank borrowing availability to support your company's ongoing cash flow needs.

Pad Printing Equipment Leasing Terms:

  1. The above monthly lease payment is exclusive of taxes and insurance, if applicable.
  2. Down payment and first and last month's rentals due at lease signing.
  3. Signed UCC forms required upon lease signing.
  4. Shipping charges not included.
  5. Monthly billing via Credit Card.
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