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Laser engraving machines: Cobalt 250

This is an older model - check out the
Cobalt 300 CO2 laser engraver and platemaker

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Cobalt 250 has been discontinued

Check out  Cobalt 300 CO2 Laser Engraver & Platemaker

Inkcups Now has discontinued the Cobalt 250 laser engraver and replaced it with a superior model - the Cobalt 300.

Inkcups Now laser specialists have worked on laser engravers for a number of years and selected the best features for plate-making. Unlike Cobalt 250, Cobalt 300 laser engraver has a more consistent output power that results in clean etch (avoids banding - stripes in the etch), has a servo (not stepper) motor, is much more industrial (heavy, with durable parts) and has a superior software package with handy features.

We are giving 2 year warranty on Cobalt 300. Inkcups technicians have etched hundreds of plates for customers using Cobalt 300 with excellent results.

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