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Laser Plate Maker

Cobalt 2000  

The most affordable laser plate maker in history!

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Pad Printing Plate Maker

The most affordable alternative to polymer plates - the Cobalt 2000 laser plate maker! (patent pending) Engineered for both large and small printing facilities, anyone can now afford to own a laser plate maker and begin enjoying the luxury and simplicity of making laser plates for their pad printing machines. Stop wasting time, film, chemicals, bulbs and putting up with soft, inconsistent polymer plates and start making crisp, uniform, all digital laser plates with ease.

Laser Plate Maker

This revolutionary pad printing plate maker was developed in-house by Inkcups Now engineers and features Patent Pending WFC Technology that enables the etching of precise, fine line graphics quickly and easily. Designed for the Duralaze® laser plate material, depth is always consistent with up to four images per plate.


Laser Etching Machine Standard Features  
  • WFC technology - Patent pending
  • Magnetic hold-down plate load/unload tray
  • Integrated exhaust control – automatically turns off with laser
  • Ventilation port for RX-4 exhaust
  • Adjustable speed & power
  • Industrial grade construction - U.S. Made
  • Interlocked safety cover
  • Compact design Class 1 laser enclosure
  • One year InkcupCare warranty
  • Optional: RIP software for color process imaging
  • Exclusively designed for use with Duralaze® plates material only
  • Maximum plate size: 400mm X 300mm (15.75" x 11.8")
  • Marking field: 390mm X 173mm (15.4" X 8.3")
  • Life expectancy: 20,000 hours
  • Ultra-fine spot size: 70 micron
  • Network connectivity
  • Excellent for fine and standard graphics
  • Fixed depth plate material - .0007"
  • Dual sided plate material with protective film to prevent scratching due to handling
  • Etched Duralaze® plates are 100% repeatable
  • Improve productivity and machine uptime
  • Improve image quality and plate consistency
  • Reduce plate making time
  • Reduce plate usage - double sided Duralaze® plates can accommodate up to four images
  • Eliminate film & chemical costs
  • Eliminate bad plates - total depth control gives consistent plates every time

Auxiliary Equipment:
RX4 Ventilation System

This advanced ventilation and exhaust system is a recommended feature for the Inkcups Now Cobalt 2000 Laser. The RX4 will eliminate dust, debris, and any gases to keep your ICN Cobalt 2000 clean and reduce maintenance while filtering up to 99.7% of particles from the air. As all equipment from Inkcups Now, this ventilation system is reliable and user-friendly.

Standard Features:
  • 16 ga. welded steel cabinet with powder-coat finish Filter System
  • Polyester prefilter
  • Pleated panel filter, 85% efficient ASHRAE; HEPA filter, 99.7 % eff.;
  • 5 lbs. blended adsorbent cell
  • Centrifugal blower with ½ hp, no-lube, 20,000 hr MTBF motor
  • One flex collector tube, 3" x 48"
  • Gas Sensor/Filter Saturation Indicator
  • 110 Volt, 1.2 Amps

Laser Plates Laser Engravable Plates

Powerful and easy upgrade for the plate-making process! Make plates from graphic files with a CO2 or fiber laser.

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