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A Laser Plate Maker for Everyone

Inkcups Now has a laser to fit everyone's needs. Whether your company is large or small, ICN has the laser solution. Cobalt laser plate makers have advanced software, small spot size and quality power control.



The Cobalt 2000 & Cobalt 3000 are designed only to make pad printing plates. Focused on quality, simplicity and affordability, the Cobalt 2000 & 3000 are perfect for small to medium-size print shops. The Cobalt 1000 & Cobalt 3000 laser plate makers are a revolutionary "two-in-one" solution: a capable industrial laser etcher and an advanced laser plate maker.

Inkcups Now engineers were the first to recognize the advantages of Laser Plate Making and launch specialized laser plate material and laser platemaker systems. ICN is proud to have pioneered the field and maintained a leading position in it.

InkcupCare Support:

Inkcups Now has a team of experienced technicians who truly understand the ins and outs of our lasers.
InkcupCare includes setup, training, troubleshooting, suggestions and remote desktop support (ICN Technicians will connect directly to your computer!) to assist in choosing the best settings for your Cobalt laser software, help with artwork setting in Photoshop/Illustrator/Corel Draw settings and resolve any software related issues.
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Benefits of a Laser Plate Maker:

Consider the benefits of a Laser Platemaker over traditional exposure unit..

Process improvements:
  • Enhanced print quality: laser plates are 1st generation so there is no loss of resolution due to film
  • 100% repeatable plates without hurdles
  •  Better ink lay down due to straight walled etching and enhanced inkwell profile
Cost savings:
  • No film purchasing
  • No purchasing of image-setter fixer, developer, plate toner
  • No maintenance contracts for image-setter and processor
  • No hazardous shipping and waste disposal
Time & efficiency savings:
  • 10 times faster plate production: one plate takes only 1-2 minutes
  • No bad plates: total depth control results in consistent plates every time
  • Less machine downtime due to plate reliability

Additional Platemaker Accessories

Cobalt 1000 Standard Attachments:
Click image for close-up:
Rotary engraving module for Cobalt 1000
Rotary Engraving Module
The Rotary Module enables etching along the circumference of cylindrical items.
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Click image for close-up:
Linear motion table for Cobalt 1000
Linear Motion Table
The Motion Table automates engraving of small items and etching longer images and multi-color plates.
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Laser Plates Laser Engravable Plates

Powerful and easy upgrade for the plate-making process! Make plates from graphic files with a CO2 or YAG laser.

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Tagless pad printing Apparel Tag Printing!

Turnkey solution for tagless t-shirt printing: complete line of Equipment & Supplies, plus unlimited tech support!

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