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Breakthrough Technology & Products

Over the last twenty years, the ICN team has developed and patented many innovations in the pad printing and specialty printing marketplaces. We are in a constant quest for new, improved solutions and our list of achievements includes:

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XJET - Industrial Inkjet Printer

The first of its kind! A UV LED printer capable of short-run inkjet printing and long-run industrial printing. The XJET UV inkjet printer is inexpensive to tool and quick to changeover, it is conveyorized for high throughput and automation capability.

Weighing 1550lbs, this industrial inkjet printer is built for high production printing. Featuring: six print heads (CMYKWW), UV LED curing, uni or bi-directional printing, and a programmable servo-controlled load station (patent pending.

More about the XJET

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Computer to plate equipment

Cobalt Lasers - Computer to Plate Laser Systems for Pad Printing

Laser Plate Making is a relatively new technique for the pad printing industry. Inkcups Now engineers were the first to recognize the benefits of Laser Plate Making, such as enhanced plate quality and speedy production with repeatable results. ICN is proud to have pioneered the field and maintained a leading position in it. The line of Cobalt computer to plate lasers is designed to etch specialized laser plate material; in addition, Cobalt lasers are versatile industrial engraving machines. Cobalt lasers make high resolution plates in less than two minutes directly from your computer, without positives or chemicals – providing incredible time and cost savings!...   Learn More

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Laser engravable plates

Imperial & Cobalt plates - Laser Engravable Plates

Patent Pending

We offer revolutionary CO2 laser engravable Imperial Plates and YAG laser engravable Cobalt Plates. These plates were created for the use with Cobalt laser engravers. However, if you already have a CO2 or YAG laser system with advanced software, small spot size and quality power control, our patented laser plate material will enable you to enjoy the benefits of Laser Plate Making. Imperial and Cobalt plate material provides complete depth control and totally repeatable results; plates are ready in just a few minutes. There is no need for film positives or chemicals; the procedure is clean, fast and simple...   Learn More

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Versacup universal ink cup

VersaCup - Universal Ink Cup

Patent # US 6,626,100 B2

VersaCup is a magnetic ink cup that can be utilized on nearly every sealed cup pad printing machine. It suits Inkcups Now, Trans Tech, Tampoprint, Autoroll, Comec, Imtran, Kent, Pad Print Machinery, Morelock, Teca, Markem, Tosh and other pad printers and is a practical alternative to expensive dedicated ink cups. Since its invention by Inkcups Now engineers, VersaCup remains an unmatched product commented to reduce inventory costs, simplify changeovers and improve productivity...   Learn More

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Exerflex printing pad

Everflex Printing Pad

After two years of development, Inkcups Now introduced EverFlex printing pad material. This specialty silicone was formulated specifically for the rigors of the promotional products industry. It is able to break-in quickly, has extreme abrasion and cut resistance and provides flexibility for printing many different ink types (with or without hardener) avoiding “pad burn in...”   Learn More
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We have direct sales people in the US (MA, NY, CA, IA, GA), Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras. We also have respresentatives in Colombia and Dominican Republic.

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