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About Inkcups Now

Inkjet Printing, Screen Printing & Pad Printing Supplier

Our Vision:
To be a highly respected global leader in the specialty printing industry. Inkcups Now develops loyal customers by providing expert solutions, innovative equipment and supplies supported by superior customer care. We are an entrepreneurial hard working organization with a passion to win that is recognized as being the best in the industry.

"We try to hire the most professional and knowledgeable people in the screen, pad printingand inkjet printing industry so that we are in a position to understand and solve customer problems. We feel that customers like to work with us because we offer strong technical support and have the finest quality products that are delivered on time." - Benjamin Adner, President Management Team

Ben Adner - President
With over 20 years in the pad printing/screen printing industry and 4 major industry patents, Ben focuses on innovative solutions that make specialty printing technology more effective and efficient. His Mechanical Engineering and MBA degrees are applied daily to move ICN forward with new products and strategic relationships.
Mike Bissel - Vice President
With over 30 years in pad printing experience, Mike's customer focus and wealth of experience in manufacturing, customer service and product management are a foundation to build the business and keep customers happy.
Elaine Brown - VP Operations
After 10 years in the Garment industry as a Sales Manager and Senior Buyer, Elaine brings her business savvy, organizational and people skills to help run a smooth operation.
Jim Burns – Vice President of Sales and Finance
Jim brings with him over 25 years of business leadership experience in both domestic and international marketplaces. President of a major corporation and more recently, Director of Operations at one of New England's largest commercial building product distributors, Jim applies his experience to develop and improve the sales, finance and information technology departments.
Jesus Ambriz Galvez - Latin America Sales Manager
Jesus brings over 20 years of experience in sales and market development in the apparel industry to Inkcups Now. Working with the largest labeling manufacturer in the US, Jesus' experience includes: collaboration with US sales teams and deploy integrated labeling and identification strategy for the most recognized brands in the USA. Jesus is bi-lingual in Spanish and English and readily provides technical and sales support in both languages.
Tom Smith - Controller
Tom has over 20 years of experience in accounting and finance. He is a great asset to Inkcups Now because he is well organized and runs the accounting department smoothly.
Matthew Yates - Corporate Brand Account Manager
Matthew has over 20 years of experience in the textile industry managing sales and introducing new product technologies to the market. Matthew is the go-to guy for brands looking to go Tagless. Matthew is using his experience in the industry to show brands the benefit of going tagless.
Travis Griffin - Customer Care Department Manager
Travis has over 20 years of experience in the pad printing industry as a production manager. Travis applies his vast knowledge of pad printing and problem solving skills to solve any issues that Inkcups Now customers may have. If you have any questions about pad printing , Travis has the answer!
Gregory Harwood - Inkjet Department Manager
Greg has been in the graphic design business for over 10 years and has a degree in graphic design. His duties include overseeing the design of graphics for printing, tech support, installation and training for our inkjet machines.
Joe Shairs - Ink Department Manager
Joe received his bachelor's degree of fine arts from the University of Lowell. He has over 20 years in the manufacturing and design industry. Joe manages color matching, adhesion testing, ink orders and inventory.
Dana Whitney - Production Manager
Dana oversees Inkcups Now's production department as the ICN Production Manager. Dana is a Manufacturing Engineer who has 20 years' experience in the Management of Production and Quality Control. He has created, implemented, and maintained ISO standards and LEAN manufacturing techniques for ICN.
Maria Savelyeva - Project Manager
As the Project Manager, Maria contributes her incredible organizational and technical skill to roll out all of ICN's major projects. Maria also focuses some of her efforts into the marketing department, her MBA degree and 6 years of marketing experience help in revealing to the world ICN's strong points that put the company ahead of its competition.
Stephen Chrisos - Marketing Manager
As the Marketing Manager for ICN, Stephen oversees SEO efforts, ads, articles, PR and media. Stephen's previous experience in television production contributes to creating unique Inkcups Now videos. In addition, Stephen sometimes writes for the Inkcups Now blog and internal website where he writes about fun, informative, and interesting topics to entertain the readers.
Paul Strunk - Southeast Territory Sales
Paul is focused on promoting strong customer relationships. Paul has managed one of the largest ICN sales territories for the last 10 years. His dedication, drive, and tenacity have proven to be successful in the decorating industry. With his background in the US Navy as an Underwater Weapons Expert and the 14 years of industry sales experience, Paul is committed to leading his customers to be the best and brightest in the decorating industry.
Michael Bistocchi - Western States Sales Manager
Michael has over two decades of experience in the promotional products industry where he began as a distributor and supplier. Michael was a VP of a top 40 distributor called Promoshop and most recently, a Sr. VP of sales and marketing at promotional industry supplier CleggPromo. Mike has always put the customer's needs first and continues to do so more than ever before! His dedication to customer service, industry experience and "can do" attitude are an important anchor for establishing a strong customer relationship.
Melanie Clemens - Western States Office Manager
Melanie manages ICN's West Coast Office. She has over 2 years' experience in shipping and receiving and over 5 years' reception experience. Her duties include: overseeing the west coast's inventory, customer service and shipping/receiving. Melanie is a welcome addition to ICN and will help operations run more efficiently for our west coast team, she is awesome!
Jay Strunk - Central US Territory Sales
Jay brings a unique background to Inkcups Now, he has over 14 years in the professional business community including: project manager for manufacturer training, credit manager and national accounts sales manager. Jay has well rounded experiences working with commercial clients of all types and sizes. Jay is ready to bring your business to the next level.
Adam Cohen - Northeast Territory Sales
As Northeast Territory Salesman, Adam contributes 20 years of experience in the advertising and promotional products industry. Adam has worked as Vice President of sales and marketing and developed great working relationships with many industry professionals. He has a true understanding of our customers’ needs. Comprehensive training in specialty printing helps him convert this understanding into mutually beneficial partnerships. Adam is a welcome addition to the Inkcups Now Team!
Adele Watson - ICN-Canada Sales
As the Sales Manager at Inkcups Now-Canada, Adele handles orders and provides customer service. Adele is a detailed oriented person with a strong commitment to customer service. This as well as her combined expertise in the graphic design, specialty printing, and hospitality industries makes Adele the perfect representative of Inkcups Now in Canada.
Johann Arango - Central & South America Sales Manager
As the sales manager, Johann brings more than 10 years experience in the Textile Industry of the Central and South American region. Having worked in the heat transfer label and apparel trim industry, Johann is very well-versed in garment production and is dedicated to helping customers in Central America with Tagless Pad Printing. Johann is bi-lingual in Spanish and English.
Olga Sanchez - Central & South America Office / Sales Assistant
Olga has over 10 years experience as an office and sales assistant. Her duties include: help in the sales process to the Regional Sales Manager, customer service to Central and South America customers and in charge of the day to day office procedures. Olga is also bi-lingual in english and spanish.
Jared Espana - Central & South America Application Specialist
Jared has over 10 years experience in the garment printing industry. Jared assists in installing and training pad printing equipment and lasers to all businesses in Central and South America.
Irving Pichardo - Northern Mexico/Texas Border Sales
Irving has over 10 years of experience in the printing industry and 8 years in the garment tag printing industry. He is fluent in Spanish and English and holds an International Business degree. Based in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico, Irving will be handling the sales in Northern Mexico as well as in the border towns of Texas, USA.
Saulo Alarcón Vences - México City / central México Sales & Technical Support
Saulo is a great addition to the Inkcups Now Latin America Sales Team. He is very knowledgable about all of ICN's equipment, especially pad and screen printing. Saulo comes from a very technical background working with pad and screen printers for the past 10 years.
Pete Baxer - Senior Technical Support/Sales
Pete brings over 20 years experience in pad printing. Having worked as the production manager for a promotional products company, Pete understands the demands of a pad printing operation. This unique experience enables him to go that extra mile to ensure that every customer achieves the best imprints in the most efficient manner. It is not rare that Pete takes ink tech support calls well after hours so that the customers can enjoy uninterrupted production.
Bob Taylor - Inside Sales
With over 30 years of experience and hundreds of machine installations, Bob has seen it all in pad printing and screen printing. His attention to detail and technical skills are integral to assisting customers with any technical service they need.
Luis Fernando Gúnera - Pad Printing Technician
As a Pad Printing Technician, Luis brings over 6 years of experience in printing production and management to Inkcups Now. Luis handles the day to day customer sample prints, plate testing, training and technical support. Luis is bilingual in Spanish and English.
Eduardo Tolosa - Latin America Inside Sales
Eduardo is a great asset to Inkcups Now! He is bilingual in English and Spanish. His duties include: Inside Sales Support, Customer Service, Facilitates Latin American Shipments, Coordinates Sample Requests, and Interpreter. Eduardo is the bridge between the Latin America sales team and the US sales team.
Angelina Yannios - Human Resources Administrator
With a degree in HR Management, Angelina focuses her initiative, skill and professionalism to build the Inkcups Now HR department. Angelina frequently updates company policy, manages employee benefits, assists in job recruitment and onboarding.
Jessica Makrinos - Marketing SEO & Content Specialist
Jessica is an excellent addition to the Inkcups marketing department! Previously working as a Digital Marketing Associate, Jessica is knowledgable in SEO, web & print design, and social media management. Jessica manages the Inkcups blog, social media accounts and gives many Inkcups documents a much needed facelift!
Richard Tran - Accounts Payable/Staff Accountant
With about 10 years of accounting experience, Richard brings a strong sense of organization and efficiency to Inkcups Now. His primary duties include: generate finance reports, process checks for vendors, audit and process credit cards. In other words, Richard makes sure everyone gets paid!
Yosmary Ortiz - Internal Accountant & Collections
Yosmary handles the company’s Credit and Collections along with assisting with the day to day accounting transactions for Inkcups Now Mexico and Canada. In her most recent position, Yosmary was the Accounting Manager for a local distribution company. She also speaks fluent Spanish, which is extremely helpful while working on collections and other accounting activities in Latin America.
Torrence Davis - Technical Support
Torrence brings over 17 of technical support to Inkcups Now. Torrence assists in the day-to-day operations that include responding to service desk issues resolving both hardware and software technical issues along with remote technical phone support. He is a much needed addition to Inkcups Now to assist in moving our technological infrastructure forward!
Ian Bedford - Senior Applications Engineer
Ian brings more than 20 years of experience in the Promotional Products industry as a Pad Printer, Laser Engraver, Digital Artist, Offset Printer and Sales Manager. As an expert in the specialty printing applications, Ian is involved in technical support, inside sales as well as research and development. Ian enjoys helping our customers solve problems with his hands-on approach using the many innovative solutions offered at ICN.
Edward Berry - Mechanical Design Engineer
Ed has joined ICN's Research and Development department as a Mechanical Design Engineer. Ed has done contract work for Inkcups over the years and is very knowledgeable about all of our products. Ed has over 20 years of experience is in pneumatics, servo mechanisms, high precision fixturing, product tooling and robotics. Ed will be working closely with Ian on developing new products.
Randy Demand - Electro-Mechanical Technican
Randy is an excellet addition to our engineering and R&D department. With an extensive background in electro-mechanical engineering, Randy can quickly and easily build the Cobalt 2000 & Cobalt 3000 laser engravers. In addition, Randy also handles the phone support for our lasers.
Alec Gronberg - Engineer
Alec focuses his engineering skills on developing new products and improving existing Inkcups Now technology. Alec started at Inkcups as a summer intern during his college years where he made many improvements to increase productivity on the production floor.
Eric Felts - Mechanical Assembler
Eric assists the Engineering and Laser departments in creating and manufacturing Inkcups Now's new products and Cobaly lasers. Eric's vast technical background contributes greatly to the R&D and Engineering departments.
Derek LaChance - Inkjet/Laser Team Leader
Derek has a degree in Graphic Arts and over 10 years of experience working with Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, RasterLinkPro and other artwork software. This allows Derek to effectively help customers with the artwork used in laser engraving and plate making. And his extensive experience with laser and inkjet systems enables him to guide customers through the rest of the steps of laser etching and inkjet printing.
Paul Conley - Tech Service
Having dealt with machinery for over 18 years, Paul is highly proficient in building and adjusting laser systems to customer's unique needs as well as installing and tuning-up inkjet systems. With dozens of machines and fixtures constructed, engineered, and serviced, Paul is an irreplaceable asset to ICN laser and inkjet operations.
Ryan Felts - Tech Service
Ryan is very well experienced with all of ICN's inkjet printers. He performs maintenance, installs, trainings, and sample printing. Ryan is also knowledgeable with the Cobalt 1000. He is capable of building, repairing, and troubleshooting the laser.
Gabe Vallellanes - Inkjet Technician
Gabe is a great addition to the Inkcups Now team. He is knowledgable about all of ICN's products and specializes in inkjet printing technology. Gabe installs, trains and repairs all of ICN's inkjet machines. Gabe is bi-lingual in English and Spanish.
Josh Lang - Inkjet Technician
Josh is a great addition to the Inkjet department! Josh has over 20 years of experience in the graphics industry and, more recently, was the manager for a large graphics company. Josh prepares new Inkjets going out to customers, offers installation and training as well as remote and on-site technical support.
AJ Hill - Inkjet Technician
AJ has been with Inkcups Now for over 7 years. Starting in the plate department, AJ quickly became the department lead. AJ thought his skills could be used elsewhere at Inkcups Now, so we moved him to the Inkjet Department where he creates fixtures, repairs machines, and prepares machines for shipment. AJ's attention to detail and vast knowledge of Inkcups equipment, make him an important part of the Inkcups Now family.
Kevin Millet - West Coast Inkjet Technician
Kevin was originally hired as an inkjet technician for the Inkcups HQ location in Massachusetts, but when the opportunity rose in our west coast office, Kevin moved all the way across the country to help grow our west coast technical support team. Kevin has over 30 years experience in the graphics industry, where he ran his own graphics company. Kevin is a great addition to our West Coast location.
Candice Curtis - Etched Plates
Candice has over 7 years experience in graphic design. She applies these skills to the Etched plate department by working directly with customers to perfect their artwork. Candice is one of the hardest working employees at ICN, never leaving until the job is done and out the door!
Bill Sousa - Tradeshow Coordinator
Bill is a great addition to the Inkcups Now Team! He brings over 7 years of trade show experience to Inkcups Now, coming from another company that hosted over 80 shows a year! Bill's organizational skills and attention to detail help ICN prepare and attend a number of shows with ease.
Tracy Kimball - Customer Care
Tracy is our dedicated customer service specialist - “dedicated” in the sense that she cares! Prior to ICN, Tracy has been working in customer service in the automobile industry for 8 years. She receives and enters all orders as well as handles shipping. Her advanced organizational skills and friendly service make contacting ICN an enjoyable experience. We are very fortunate to have Tracy on the ICN team.
Raul Frias - Customer Care
Raul has over 10 years experience in the customer service industry. Raul receives and enters customer orders, answers the phone, and assists our international accounts. He is bi-lingual in English and Spanish.
Thomas Applin - Shipping Manager
As a Shipping Supervisor, Thomas works with various shipping companies every day to ensure ICN customers get their items at the best rate available. Thomas is certified in IATA and hazardous material handling. His duties include setting up pickups for various orders, negotiating with vendors for the best rates, and provide shipping quotations for our customers.
Geoff Burbridge - Shipper
Geoff comes to Inkcups with over 17 years of shipping experience and numerous certifications for hazzardous shipments. Geoff ships all packages out of Inkcups Now and ensures all associated documents are correct. Geoff's organizational skill along with his experience allow all Inkcups orders to get out quickly and on time.
Joe Cocuzza - Floor Supervisor
Joe has over 15 years' experience in the production industry manufacturing pad, plates, and inks. His years of experience in the production industry contribute to our extensive knowledge of the printing industry. Joe's duties include: making pads, plates, and shipping finished goods.
Robbie Cocuzza - Production Floor
Robbie is a great asset to Inkcups Now! He is often bouncing from department to department, lending a hand when one is needed. Robbie's primary duties include: inks, solvents, making ink cups and shipping finished goods.
Matt DiGangi - Plate Department
Matt is a member of the ICN plate department. He makes sure the plates are cut and punched to the most accurate specifications. Matt gets the plates out fast so our customer can receive them on time. He is a great asset to ICN!
John Beaudoin - Color Match Expert
John has over 15 years' experience in the production industry.  John's experience brings a high level of expertise to the Inkcups Now production team. He is fast to get orders out yet takes the time to ensure quality. John specializes in formulating custom color matches.
Sam Lamoly- Pad Department Lead
Sam has over 7 years' experience in the production industry.  He ensures all orders get out in a timely manner. Sam's duties include etching pad bases, pouring and mixing silicone and packaging. Sam specializes in formulating silicone for Inkcups' pads.
John Turkowski - Pad Department
John works primarily in ICN's pad department. He assists in all areas of pad production from molding the pad to packaging. John has over 15 years experience in pad production and has spent 3 decades in pad printing manufacturing. John is an excellent addition to the ICN pad department.
Casey Lamoly - Ink Department Lead
Casey ensures all orders are picked and packaged accurately in the Inkcups ink departmentr. Casey keeps the warehouse well organized and clean as well as solvent pouring and order management.
Matt Fleming - Ink Department
Matt is a welcome addition to the Inkcups Ink Department! He is efficient while picking and packing ink, ensuring all order go out accurately. Matt also pours Inkcups' solvents and mixes ink.

Team Inkcups Local Sales & Tech Support
We have direct sales people in the US (MA, NY, CA, IA, GA), Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras. We also have respresentatives in Colombia and Dominican Republic.

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