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Pad Printing InkAugust 1, 2019

How Inkcups Helps You Find the Right Pad Printing Ink

Pad Printing Ink
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Pad Printing Inks

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction. Inkcups will do anything it takes to produce the best results for all our customers. We provide step by step guidance through the process of finding the right pad printing ink. Our ink technicians have many years of experience working with pad printing ink and know exactly where to start. 


Finding the Right Pad Printing Ink

Let’s dive deeper into the process of finding the right ink. Let’s say, for example, you want to print on a wooden baseball bat. Referring to the Sapphire Ink Application Chart, we see that the BA, BT, J3, MB and SB series can be used to print on wood. Some other factors we would consider in order to find the best ink for your application are the type of solvent needed, drying speed, degree of gloss, and other special requirements. Each ink inherently has its own gloss level. For example, the MB ink series has a very glossy finish while the CG ink series has a satin finish. The gloss level depends on the composition of each individual ink. The drying speed works the same way; however, it can be sped up using a dryer. Some other requirements include ink that is abrasion resistant, opaque, dishwasher resistant or medical grade. Now that some basic product information has been explained, let’s get back into our wooden bat example. If you are looking for a glossy, fast drying, abrasion resistant ink to print on a wooden baseball bat with, the BA ink series would be the best ink line for you. If the bat is made of wood but coated with a type of shellac or other material, we want to find an ink that sticks to the actual surface we are decorating on, rather than the wood.


The Inkcups Solution

To avoid common errors in adhesion, send in your products prior to production. Our expert technicians will find the best ink line for printing on your substrate, along with tested ratios for solvent and, if necessary, hardener. We will ensure the adhesion of the inks by performing industry standard ASTM tests for abrasion resistance. Once we have found the right ink that meets your abrasion requirements, we will send you a comprehensive ink test report. This service is free of charge, so contact us today to get started.






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