Derek has worked in the industry for over 11+ years. He has worked in almost every department at Inkcups from scraping pads to cutting plates to packing plates- you name it, he did it!

He started out working on brochures for Inkcups as a tech high school intern. During this time, Inkcups was developing the Cobalt 1000 laser and needed some graphic experience help. He was taught how to run and operate that machine as well as troubleshooting and repair. Shortly after the Cobalt 1000, Inkcups introduced a new product called the Cobalt 250. This was the very beginning of CO2 laser plate-making. Derek’s focus was manipulating artwork to produce a good dot pattern for pad printing. With both lasers in hand, Inkcups decided to use his experience to start an etched plate business. After a few years of running the etched plate department and traveling around installing, running demos, and training on lasers, Inkcups decided to bring in our first Direct to Substrate Inkjet machine the PromoJET. Derek quickly learned from this machine that it was something that fascinated him. That was just the start of Inkcups’ Inkjet life – from there Inkcups went on to bigger and better things – The XJETs, X2’s and Helix. After a life filled of even more installs, demos, service calls and trade shows with the UV inkjet line, Derek is finally in the position he is in today and couldn’t be happier.


North Shore Technical High School