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Laser Plate-Makers

Cobalt 3000 Co2 Laser Plate-Maker

Cobalt 3000 Co2 Laser Plate-Maker

The Cobalt 3000 is the latest innovation in plate-making lasers, developed in-house and designed exclusively for pad printing plates. This CO2 laser etching machine provides the highest image quality with functional simplicity at a fraction of the price of similar engravers.

The high-speed system engraves superior quality average-sized logos in less than ten minutes. The Cobalt 3000 allows you to standardize your process, optimize production, and simplify pad printing while eliminating film, chemicals, inconsistent plate hardness, and image depth issues

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  • Co2 laser plate-making system
  • Computer-to-plate technology


Ventilation System


Cobalt 3000 Video Demonstration
Cobalt 3000 Brochure


Addressable Resolution
Speed (based on a 2" diameter image size)
3.05 min
Max. Marking Area
390 x 173 mm (15.4 x 6.8 in)
Spot Size
50 um
Max. Line Screen
Laser tube/diode/fiber source life rating
Co2 Laser technology


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