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FunDecember 7, 2018

What Should You Pack in Backpack for Back to School?

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Going back to school is an exciting time (or not) for students of all ages. You see your friends once again, make new ones, start or return to an extracurricular activity, introduced to new classes as well as teachers. Autumn is in the air and you are back in the swing of things returning from summer vacation. However, before you or your child heads off to school, it is paramount that they are equipped with a backpack and in that backpack, they have essential items for school. Below we take a look at that the top items that a student can bring with them in their backpack. This list ranges for all students of all ages so there are students that do or do not need certain school items. In addition, printing on backpacks with an inkjet printer offers a sense of personalization that no other students have.

On a side note when packing your backpack, never try to cram your bag because many times it will get disorganized and heavy. The bag might also split if it is not strong enough, therefore, it is very important to ensure the bag weighs no more than 10% of your own body weight. Bags that are too heavy can cause issues with your back, neck, and shoulders. Most recent bags have a weight limit that will be specified by the manufacturer.

  • Reusable customized drink container: Can be a flip top to stop spills before they happen (for little kids), stainless steel, or a hard plastic water bottle.


  • Agenda or planner (To keep track of assignments/homework, tests)
  • Pens
  • Highlighters
  • Calculator
  • Binders (with folders inside)







  • 1 three- or five-subject spiral notebook
  • Waterproof jacket
  • USB Stick or zip drive (to save work done on home and school computers.)






Emergency supplies (IF DESIRED): It’s a good idea to have some emergency supplies so you’re prepared no matter what happens. Add an extra pair of glasses or contacts and a small amount of money just in case you need them. Depending on the season, you may also want to include sunscreen, sunglasses, sanitizer, makeup, lip balm, an umbrella, a jacket, and/or a hat and gloves.

BONUS: Your backpack!

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