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Company News, Product UpdateMarch 9, 2022

Automated Artwork Preparation Software for Digital Printing

Company News, Product Update
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Compatible with all Inkcups digital machines, ArtPrep has print-ready files made in seconds

Danvers, Mass. – March 9, 2022 – Global printing industry leader Inkcups announces the launch of ArtPrep, an automated artwork preparation software for digital printing that will greatly reduce time and labor associated with traditional manual preparation methods.

ArtPrep automatically prepares artwork for digital printing through a flexible user interface that is adaptable to any workflow. The software easily integrates with all Inkcups digital printers and workflows and accepts PNG files directly through any user’s art department or automatically through an API connection. ArtPrep adds desired layers, including customizable trapping, and can manipulate image placement and size as well as perform image adjustments.

By reducing image preparation time, ArtPrep improves overall productivity of Inkcups’ established digital printer workflows. This innovative new software has a unique capability to seamlessly handle variable data, name drops, challenging gradients, and highlights, all while providing maximum control over ink usage and production costs.

“We’re excited to launch our first artwork preparation software, ArtPrep. This new capability will further enhance the Inkcups customer experience by offering significant time savings over manual preparation of artwork for printing. Our main priority is to make sure our customers can easily create high-quality artwork quickly and efficiently, while saving them time and labor,” said Ben Adner, CEO of Inkcups.

ArtPrep is a huge cost and efficiency gain for companies handling any volume of artwork files for printing on Inkcups digital machines. The software is compatible with all Inkcups cylinder and flatbed printers, which include: the Helix®, Helix Hi-Fi®, Double Helix®, Revolution®, X2®, X5®, X5-T, XJET, and XJET800. ArtPrep is especially suited for print-on-demand companies handling one-off printing.

Inkcups will be offering two versions of the software: ArtPrep and ArtPrep Pro. Learn more about the two ArtPrep options in the table below. ArtPrep is now available worldwide and will be available in Europe starting Spring 2022.


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