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Company NewsSeptember 7, 2021

Inkcups Canada

Company News
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Ben Adner founded Inkcups in 2001. Since inception the company has continued to gain loyal employees, offer more products, and expand globally. Inkcups now boasts twenty nine offices worldwide.  However, our Inkcups Advantage and priorities remain consistent across all our offices. Inkcups Canada offers much of the same products, support, and services as here in the United States. The office will speedily supply everything required for pad printers, UV cylindrical printers, and UV flatbed printers to Canada. In addition, laser engraving and plate making, parts, consumables and more are also readily available.

Adele Watson manages Inkcups’ northern sister office in Canada, found in Pickering, Ontario. Adele has an impressive twenty years of experience in the printing industry under her belt.

Inkcups Canadian Advantage

Inkcups Canada is stocked with both inventory and knowledge. As Inkcups offers so much support to our customers; the wealth of knowledge our employees carry is just as important as a stocked warehouse.

The Canadian warehouse is fully stocked with consumables. Canadian customers can expect an extremely fast turn around on inks, solvents, hardeners, primers, plates, pads, and ink cups.

Inkcups Canada Pad Printing

Inkcups Canada offers the same full line of pad printing inks, pads, plates, ink cups, and pad printing machines as we do in the United States. Pad printing machines are available in one to six colors, with the full selection of pad printing inks, solvents, and hardeners to choose from.

The Canadian office has a B100 pad printing machine out for demonstration. The B100 is one of our most popular pad printers appealing to the industrial, promotional, and apparel markets alike. It is a 1-color tabletop pad printer designed to accommodate printing on parts up to 4.25 inches (this figure includes the part fixture). While the B100 can be used for such a wide variety of printing purposes it is often sought after for Tagless applications. The B100 is the perfect pad printing machine to transition your apparel from sewn-in tags or heat transfer labels to tagless printing.

More information about tagless label printing can be found here.



UV Cylindrical Printers Canada

All of the UV cylinder printers you’ve come to know and love are available in Canada. Whether you need a Helix®, Double Helix®, or Revolution®… Inkcups Canada has you covered. With the accompanying ink, primers, and spare parts available as well.

UV Cylindrical printers are specially made to print full color, high quality images on your drinkware of choice. Depending upon the machine they can accommodate drinkware diameters from 1.5″ to 5.6″. This means whether you wish to print on shot glasses all the way up to growlers, Inkcups Canada has you covered.

The Helix® Digital Cylinder Printer offers a great turn-key solution for those looking to enter the print on demand market.

UV Flatbed Printers Canada

The full line of UV flatbed printers are available in Canada. These high-performance flatbed printers can accommodate print areas as big as 43 x 24 inches.  Depending on the height requirements, we have options of flatbed printers that can accommodate products up to 20” high.

UV flatbed printers can print on nearly any flat substrate of choice with the correct combination of ink, primer, and pre-treatment. Inkcups Canada offers the X5, X5-T, and XJet line as well as all of the consumables required.

Canadian Service & Support

The Inkcups way is to see the job through in its entirety and we are pleased to offer all the services and support you’ve grown to love to Canada as well. We are happy to still offer application consulting, custom color matching, and adhesion testing.

In need for specialty tooling for a difficult to print application? Inkcups Canada offers custom tooling.

When you purchase a machine through Inkcups, whether it be in Massachusetts, Prince Edward Island, or anywhere else we offer complimentary training at our facility. This provides you with invaluable hands-on experience to jump start your new endeavor.  Inkcups Canada is no exception and offers training and advising as well.

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