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Pad Printing Accessory Supplies

VersaCover - Lid for All Cans

The VersaCover hermetically seals nearly all ink and hardener cans available on the pad printing and screen printing ink market. Solvent resistant lids keep cans sealed up tight so you can:

• prolong the life of your ink and hardener
• eliminate crooked lids, dried out hardener and chunks of ink
• clean up your ink room
• save supplies, time and money!

To order VersaCover call 978-646-8980:
20 covers - $15.00
50 covers - $35.00

VersaCover flyer

Pad Print Auxiliary Supplies: Dr. Rite

Dr. Rite Plate Conditioner

Dr. Rite plate conditioner dramatically improves plate doctoring for ink cup and Dr. Blade machines by altering the surface tension on the printing plate and improving ink flow. Add a few drops of Dr. Rite solution to the ink mixture and plate ghosting and fogging immediately disappear. Improve image quality and printing performance today with this unique specialty product only available from Inkcups Now!

Nu-Life Printing Pad Cleaner

Printing plate cleaner
The Nu-Life printing pad cleaner is esigned to provide superior cleaning of print pad surfaces. The Nu-Life contains proprietary components available only from Inkcups Now.
Simply the finest pad cleaner available!

Nu-Pad Conditioner and Restorer

Printing pad conditionaer
The Nu-Pad conditioner restores printing pad oils lost due to abrasion and solvent influences. It significantly contributes to extended pad life and crisp image transfer.

Pad Print Auxiliary Supplies: Depth measurement Gauge

Depth Measurement Gauge

Laser plate making is about making quality etched graphics with the right dot pattern at the right depth for your pad printing production needs.  Being able to accurately measure the depth of your plate is a critical element for dialing in your printing process.  Our specially designed Depth Measurement Gauge is accurate to .0001" and is able to measure laser or steel plate depths with precision and repeatability.

Pad Print Auxiliary Supplies: Color Cue

Color Cue

Do you need to identify a specific Pantone number of the product in your hand? No problem, simply hold the Color Cue over the product, press the button and Color Cue will provide the PMS number instantly. You can then use the number to accurately mix the proper ink color and begin printing.

Pad Print Auxiliary Supplies: Eye Loops

Eye Loops

Is the quality of print important?  Do you need to see what is causing a defect in your printing plate?  Has too many years in the industry looking at ink affected your vision?  Our full range of eye loops and optics will enhance the vision of even the most optically challenged.

Laser/Ink Jet Film Positives

If you want to produce film positives in house off a high quality laser or inkjet printer, ICN has specially designed film. It is created to accept ink and, without blotching or bleeding, produce high quality opaque film positives. When ordering, please specify whether you are using a laser or ink jet printer.

Toner Spray

Printing a big reverse and you need a little more opacity in the center of the graphic?  Use the Toner Spray to help improve the coverage and opacity of your Laser or Ink Jet film positive.

Screen Film for Polymer Plates

To make high quality polymer plates for pad printing you need high quality screen film to make accurate dot patterns.  It is offered in 150 line (bold images), 200 line (standard images) or 300 line (fine images) formats in half or full sheet sizes.

Pad Print Auxiliary Supplies: Safety Cans

Safety Cans

We distribute Justrite Safety cans for flammable solvents and other dangerous liquids.

Functions of the safety can:
  • Control vapors to reduce the risk of fire
  • Offer compliance with federal OSHA regulations, state and local fire codes.
  • Facilitate pouring and filling

Click image to expand:                          Safety Cans

  • 100% leak proof (tested under pressure)
  • Lead free steel with chemical-resistant finish
  • Internal flame arrester within the fill-pour spout dissipates heat to prevent ignition
  • Wide free-span opening on lid for easy filling

Most popular types:
  • Type I: economical can with a single spout for filling and counterbalanced pouring
  • Type II: one larger spout for filling and another spout with a hose for smooth pouring

Solvent Plunger Cans

Pad Print Auxiliary Supplies: Plunger Cans Justrite Plunger cans are designed to moisten cleaning cloths and swabs. Pushing down on the brass pump assembly fills the upper pan with a measured amount of liquid. Surplus liquid drains back into reservoir. The perforated pad screen serves as a flame arrester.

This is not only the safest way to moisten wipes but also the most economical. There is no waste because excess liquids drain back into the can. You use only the amount you need.

Pad Print Auxiliary Supplies: Bench Cans

Bench (Washer) Cans

Bench cans provide an easy means of cleaning small parts in solvent. Simply place work on spring-loaded, perforated dasher plate, press down and agitate, then release to return dasher to drain position. Plated steel dasher is an effective flame arrester. Hinged cover minimizes evaporation losses. Protected rim reduces the possibility of hand injury. Cans are made of sturdy 24-gauge lead-free coated steel and finished in a tough powder paint for added durability.

Pad Print Auxiliary Supplies: Oily Waste Cans

Oily Waste (Safety Disposal) Cans

These cans are for safe disposal of rags and cloths soaked with solvents, thinners, oils, adhesives and other flammable liquids. The lid opens no more than 60 degrees and stays closed when not in use, isolating contents from fire sources and limiting oxygen so spontaneous combustion risk is virtually eliminated. Elevated bottom helps disperse heat and reduce moisture buildup and rusting.

Disposal cans come in a variety of sizes. Hand or foot operated covers are available.

Pad Print Auxiliary Supplies: Safety Cabinets

Safety Cabinets

We distribute Justrite cabinets for flammable liquid storage such as ink solvents. The cabinets are engineered to store hazardous chemicals safely as well as to help organize, segregate and visually identify dangerous liquids.

These steel safety cabinets meet and exceed the National Fire Protection Association Code (NFPA 30) and OSHA 29 Code of Federal Regulations. They have also earned certification from Factory Mutual (FM approved), and Underwriters Laboratories (UL/ULC listed).

Cabinet sizes vary from 4 gallons (15 liters) to 120 gallons (454 liters). Smaller cabinets allow solvents to be stored at worksite locations. Under counter, wall mount, slimline and piggyback styles are available. For high capacity storage there are cabinets designed specifically to house 30-gallon or 55-gallon drums. Safety Cabinet

  • Models with self-close, manual and sliding doors
  • Level or Shure-Grip® handle styles
  • Fusible links hold doors wide open and, on self-closure models, melt at 165°F for automatic closure
  • Sturdy, 18-gauge double wall steel with 1 ½” of insulating air space
  • Exclusive “spill-catcher” shelves with built-in troughs
  • Shelves easily adjust on 2 ¼” for versatile storage
  • Self-latching doors with piano hinges for smooth closure
  • Durable, chemical and UV resistant, lead-free pain finish
  • Minimal air-gaps
  • Adjustable leveling feet
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