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Send us your product to be pad printed, screen printed or
inkjet printed - and we will find the best inks for it.

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Ink Testing Services

We have every reason to believe that Sapphire® pad and screen printing ink is a superior product line. Send us your difficult-to-imprint items - and we will prove it to you completely free of charge! We strive to do the tests very quickly – within 2 to 3 business days.

Adhesion testing is also available for PromoJET inkjet inks, including the standard Opal series inks, P series inks and Candimark edible inks.

As a part of the free testing you will receive:
  • Imprinted sample (if return requested)
  • Elemental analysis of the substrate you provided (based on burn test)
  • Ink recommendation based on your abrasion and adhesion standards
  • And of course - something you can always expect from ICN - continuous attention to your ink needs, concerns and questions!
To request a free ink adhesion test call 978-646-8980.

Team Inkcups Local Sales & Tech Support
We have direct sales people in the US (MA, NY, CA, IA, GA), Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras. We also have respresentatives in Colombia and Dominican Republic.

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