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UV LED ink for flexible substrates - compatable with the XJET & X2

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Flex Ink - XFlexx

Flexible ink for XJET, X2® inkjets

Introducing XFlexx UV LED flexible ink! XFlexx is the most durable UV flexible ink on the market! Stretch, bend, twist, squeeze or fold, XFlexx will not crack or distort. XFlexx is available for the X2® flatbed UV inkjet printer and the XJET for higher volume users.

Flexible Ink Benefits:

  • Excellent Adhesion to Flexible Substrates - this flex ink been tested to adhere to rubber, cellophane, felt, nylon, canvas, etc....
  • High Durability - once fully cured, the XFlexx ink can be stretched, bent, squeezed or twisted without cracking the image.
  • Cured by a Low Temperature UV LED Light – ideal for heat-sensitive materials such as fleece or cellophane.

XFlexx - Flexible Ink Series:

Item # Color
ixF-K Flex Black
ixF-C Flex Cyan
ixF-Y Flex Yellow
ixF-M Flex Magenta
ixF-W Flex White

XFlexx SDS

XFlexx:    MSDS

XFlexx Additives

This solution will break down and remove all ink residue in the XJET/X2® nozzles and print head. A necessary componet for keeping the XJET/X2® clean and running smoothly.

ICN-PL Primer:    MSDS
A plastic primer that aids in adhesion to most common plastics.

ICN-PP Primer:    MSDS
Polypropylene / polyethylene primer that reduces surface tension for a better bond.

ICN-GL Primer:    MSDS
A glass, tile or metal primer that offers outstanding adhesion on glass and tile.

ICN-GB Primer:    MSDS
A more aggressive glass, tile or metal primer that offers outstanding adhesion on glass and tile.

This primer will improve bonding to metals such as chrome plate, aluminum, and steel. Has a shelf life of 2-3 weeks once opened.

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