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Opal Solvent Inkjet Ink

Solvent Inkjet Ink

Opal series solvent ink for inkjet printing promotional products with PromoJET inkjet printer

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Solvent Ink for Inkjet Printing
Promotional Products

The Opal is solvent ink for inkjet printing is used by the PromoJET inkjet printer. It allows to print bright multi-color images directly from the digital files onto such promotional products as pens, pencils, ping-pong balls, skate wheels, paper bags and many other that are maximum 5 inch in height and white or light-colored.

This solvent-based ink adheres to a number of substrates, some of which require pre-treatment:

• Plastics - ABS, styrene, acrylic, polypropylene (the latter requires primer wipe). Examples: pens, pad folios, luggage tags, guitar picks, iPod covers.
• Celluloid. Example: ping-pong balls.
• Coated/painted metals (require pre-treatment). Examples: mint tins, combination locks, water bottles.
• Epoxy. Example: lapel pins.
• Paper. Example: waxed popcorn bags.
• Wood. Example: pencils.
• Nylon. Example: skate wheels. The items must be no more then 5 inch high.

Here is Opal edible ink MSDS:

Opal Series Ink MSDS

Printing on Plastic & Other Substrates Used in Promotional Products
   Inkjet printed iPod covers

iPod covers
(click image to expand)

Inkjet printed CDs

(click image to expand)


(click image to expand)
  Sport seats

Sports seats
(click image to expand)

Lapel pins

Lapel pins
(click image to expand)
   Paper calendars

3-d paper calendar
(click image to expand)

To see more printed samples, please visit ICN Blog.

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