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New Service: Real-Time Remote
Technical Support

by Derek LaChance

ICN has added a new great way to provide technical support and training to our globally dispersed customers – through highly efficient real-time online demonstrations and problem-solving sessions.

The system has already received numerous compliments. By establishing a secure connection between two computers, we can remotely administer live Cobalt software demonstrations, graphic art training, hands-on project discussions, equipment setup and troubleshooting. The same connection is used to easily transfer large files needed for the plate making and engraving services ICN provides.

The process is simple and does not require anything but Internet access and a phone line. A customer goes to a secure website and enters the PIN code that an ICN technician provides him. This action “logs” the technician into the customer’s computer. Now the technician can see the screen of this remote computer and move the mouse across the screen to open proper applications. The customer can observe everything that is being done on his computer. This is accompanied by explanations and discussions over the phone. After the session is ended, the connection is closed, making the remote access to customer’s computer not possible until the customer requests another session.

This audio-video-interactive mode of communication simplifies things tremendously! Just imagine: a technician (sitting in Danvers, MA) can show an owner of a Cobalt laser (located in any place with Internet access) how to setup and configure the laser system properly and how to apply Cobalt and graphical software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw etc.) for best results. Since the technician can see what is going on, he can take care of most issues in minutes. No more going back and forth with numerous emails and scattered calls, no more interrupted production – you get on the phone and computer just once and literally watch the problem resolved!

“It is one more way to strengthen the relationship between us and our customers that is rooted in understanding. People really leave with a greater knowledge of the technology we provide them, and that is essential for both sides,” says Vice President Mike Bissel.

We have watched this service translate into saved time, reduced stress, improved customer service, effective completion of joint projects and – we hope – reinforced trust.

Call us to test the remote technical support system yourself!

Derek LaChance is the lead technician at ICN’s Art and Engraving Department
He has years of experience working with such software as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop etc.
Customers using the Remote Technical Support are most likely to learn through Derek.

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