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Pad and Screen Printing Dryers

Pad & Screen Printing Dryers

+ pad blowers, digital scale and more

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Pad and Screen Printing Dryers,
Pad Blower, Digital Scale and More

ICN Drying Systems

ICN-1848 and ICN-3048 are highly flexible and cost effective pad printing and screen printing dryers. These part drying systems are offered in width of 48” and lengths of 29” and 41”.

These cost effective infrared drying systems feature height adjust on the heat panels to assure that the parts are receiving just the amount of heat for curing.  The ICN-3048 also features independent heat controls on the drying section and speed on the conveyor section to maximize the efficiency of the dryer and help speed up production.

In addition to curing pad printed items, ICN pad and screen printing dryers with add-on forced hot air can be used for digitally printed garments, water based inks and delicate materials. Both models accept additional chambers and belt extensions.

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Pad & screen printing dryers

ICN-1848 Dryer ICN-3048 Dryer
The ICN-1848 is one of the smallest dryers in the industry.
Yet it has high output – 60 to 80 shirts per hour. The dryer fits anywhere you want to put it, even under the table.

  • Teflon coated 18” wide fiberglass belt
  • 2000 watts high output heater
  • 2600 watts in 240 volt Scrub-Air™ version
  • 60-80 pieces per hour
The ICN-3048, with its 30” wide belt and 3000 watt heater, cures more than 100 shirts per hour.

  • Teflon coated 30” wide fiberglass belt
  • 3000 watts high output heater
  • 2600 watts in 240 volt Scrub-Air™ version
  • 80-100 pieces per hour
ICN Dryers' Standard Features: ICN Dryers' Add-on Features:
  • Infrared focusing
  • Variable DC belt speed control
  • 2” to 7” belt-to-heater clearance adjustable separately on each side with a turn of a knob – perfect for irregular-shaped products!
  • Exclusive “X-Series” belt tracking system
  • User-friendly diagnostic pilot lights
  • Footprint starting at 4” length
  • Easy lift off heat chamber for convenient transportation
  • Additional chambers and belt extensions are available.
  • Temperature control
  • Additional chambers
  • Belt extensions, front or rear, in 18” sections
  • Scrub Air™ forced hot air
  • Powered exhaust
  • Kegs and casters
  • Laser temperature gun

Pad Blower

  Click image to expand: Pad blower
This tool is handy for making the ink
on the pad more tacky.

ICN-1501 Digital Scale

Digital scale The ICN-1501 Digital Scale is the ideal complement to any ink mixing operation. Precise measurement is possible with (+/-) 0.01 gram accuracy and repeatability. The 1500 gram capacity is perfect for large and small production volumes. The unique and durable design includes a stainless steel tray for easy maintenance and the back-lit display for easy reading. Each unit comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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