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ICN-2200ps pad shuttle for faster pad printing

Pad Printing Machine

The ICN-2200-PS pad printing machine is a 2-color high-speed printer with a pad slide

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Pad Printing Machine: ICN-2200-PS with Pad Slide

The ICN-2200-PS is a 2-color sealed-cup pad printing machine with a heavy-duty dual-position pneumatic pad-slide mechanism. The pad slide simplifies part fixturing and assures flawless second-color registration on tagless garments, promotional products and other items. The pad slide also enables a very fast two-color print cycle, facilitating high-volume production.

The pad sliding mechanism can accommodate large pads and is extremely heavy-duty, thus surpassing most other designs available on the market in its capabilities and durability. With membrane-touch control, it is simple to program all setup features including pad stroke, pad delay, ink mixing and ink-pickup frequency. The XYR micro-adjust plate-holder assemblies and toolless quick-adjust pad mounts further reduce make-ready time and increase productivity.

The ICN-2200PS pad printing machine is ideal for situations where future production volumes are unknown or likely to increase. This pad printing machine is easily retrofitted in the field to accept an eight-station part-carousel transport system to allow for increasing productivity or automation demands. The ICN-2200-PS is one of the most rugged, versatile and cost-effective two-color pad printers geared to industrial speeds and volumes.

ICN-2200-PS Pad Printing Machine Standard Features ICN-2200-PS Pad Printing Machine Standard Limits
  • Electro-pneumatic control
  • Photopolymer, steel & laser plate capable
  • Two-position pneumatic pad slide
  • One- or two-color capability
  • Variable cycle delay - on the part or over the plate
  • Membrane-touch panel control
  • X-Y pad mounts
  • Auto ink-mixing mode
  • Illuminated plate area
  • Heavy duty construction with full-cabinet stand
  • Upgradable to 8-station carousel
  • Automated pad cleaning (optional)
Inkcup Size Image Area Plate Size
1-up 90mm 80mm (3.14") 100 x 250mm

Production Speed
One color (IPH) 1800
Two color (IPH) 1300

Power Requirements and Dimensions
Current/Voltage (1 phase/50-60 Hz.) 10A/110V
Air Consumption (CFM/PSI) 3-5/80
Typical Dimensions (L x W x H) 32" x 22 " x 55"
Approximate weight (lbs.) net/crated 366/525 lbs
Crate Size (L x W x H) 48" x 33" x 61 "

Technical Support

ICN can fully support pad printing machine installations with experienced technicians who assist with customer training, process troubleshooting, pad selection and ink recommendations.

Parts & Tooling

ICN offers a wide range of custom tooling fixtures and replacement parts for Tampoprint as well as many other pad printing machines. Replacement parts for Autoroll machines including bottle tooling, dovetail adaptors, pad mounts and magnetic holding plates are also available.
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