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Everyone here at ICN is trying his or her best to make our customers happy! And we love to hear compliments :)

March’ 13

Sent to Inkcups Now:
“Thank you so much for having Derek Help me with the machine. Everything is working wonderfully now.
Both Greg and Derek are very knowledgeable and easy to work with, knowing I can contact them for troubleshooting on the machines is an incredible weight lifted. I really wanted to express that both Derek’s hospitality during my visit to inkcups, and greg’s positive and helpful demeanor while working with me here in Ontario show that inkcups is really a step above the rest. I recently had a visit by your local competitor and based on their knowledge, attitude and product, I feel I made the right choice choosing the X-jet and Choosing to work with Inkcups.

It’s also nice to have the owner answer the phone, it’s really a pleasant surprise knowing I can talk with you as well.

Thanks so much for everything and talk to you soon.”

Rob from Ontario

February’ 12

Sent to Inkcups Now:
“I am a new employee at this company and have no pad printing experience at all, other than what was provided in house. I am an experienced web offset, litho printer and recently branched out into screen print. I also have many years’ experience in all stages of embroidery.

I am really impressed by how simple your single color machine is to set up and use and find it has top notch, solid construction. It is a joy to work with and can really pump out the work when needed.

Thanks for making such a great workhorse.”

John from New Zealand


Sent to Ian Bedford, Application Specialist:
“…Just wanted to say thanks again Ian for taking the time out to answer all of our questions. I found your facility to be extremely customer friendly, and the service you guys provide with the training is phenomenal. I do not often see companies so open to helping with customized training like you provided for us. I look forward to our continued business together.”

John S.
A promotional products company

February ’11

Sent to Travis Griffin, Application Specialist:
“…Just wanted to tell you how pleasing all this was. I really appreciate people like you, who make my job easier instead of harder.”

Jimmy H.
A medical products company

December ’10

“…Thank you very much for your assistance and prompt service even my order is very minimum you processed it very efficient. The ink arrived today as promised and we can now work with my clients deadline. Thank you again.”

Alvin M.
A promotional products company

November ’10

“…I want to thank you for the hospitality that you showed me. I feel that it was probably the most productive visit that I had at a vendor. Period. I feel like I have been pad printing for some time now and am not afraid to jump right in and just do it. Please thank Mike [Vice President], Paul [Laser Dept. Manager] and Bob [Production Manager] for their contribution and their time.”

Ernie T.
A promotional products company

June ’10

“…I wanted to write you a quick note to let you know that the commissioning of our brand-new PromoJET went off without a hitch. Thanks to your training and support we were able to fill our first order for Socket-Lockit today, and they were thrilled with the results. Great job, and thanks for the awesome support! Keep it up!”

Mike S.
A promotional products company

June ’10

“…Thank you very much for you help today. What may have seemed simple to you as you do this daily was a GREAT help to both Cary and I. We will certainly be calling you not only for help but ideas on how to move production along as fast as possible as we get more into this tagless printing.”

Anthony C.
An apparel company

May ’10

“…Yesterday when I arrived the first phone call I received was, “Is the manager available”. You know, that’s never good. It was the customer who got the 200 logo cookies and a cake. To my surprise they absolutely loved the cookies and cake and needed to call and let me know. They had a ribbon cutting ceremony for Camelot School (they had directors in from over the whole United States and these directors could not believe the how good the cookies looked and tasted). The colors were so bright on the cookies etc. :) Again, PromoJET is #1!!!! So possibly when another school opens elsewhere, maybe we’ll get the order?????
Anyway, the ovens are waiting for me… and THANKS again.”

Wanda W.
Bakery Owner

December ’09

“…Just want to pass on my Thanks and appreciation to both Tracy & Elaine, they exhibit true professionalism with consistently prompt and courteous service. Please pass on my acknowledgment for a job well done, they are a credit to your organization.”

Brian F.
Manager of Procurement and Inventory Control