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Imprinted Leather Padfolio and Notebook by Mimaki UV Inkjet Printer

June 16th, 2009 | Author: InkcupsNow

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Imprinted Leather Padfolio

Imprinted Leather Padfolio

This kind of imprinted leather padfolio and notebook make a perfect corporate gift for your employees.  And the Mimaki UJF 605C11 inkjet printer is an excellent printer for this purpose as it has the capability of printing on dark surfaces.

Believe it or not but one of our salesmen was walking into a meeting with a client who saw this padfolio – and they loved it! They were so impressed that they are now asking for samples of their own.

The Mimaki’s printing table is 19.5×23.5 inches big and can hold 4 padfolios at once. This makes it a much more flexible and useful printer than any standard industrial ink jet printer on the market.

Leather padfolio

Imprinted notepad

The artwork exhibits excellent quality and doesn’t rub off the leather material.

It didn’t take Paul a long time to get this padfolio and notepad done. First he searched online for the right images which he then imported to the Mimaki software. Within minutes he was was ready to test-print followed by the real imprint of these leather binders.

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