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New Edible Ink Printer from Inkcups Now!

June 1st, 2011 | Author: Stephen
The PromoJET was the first of Inkcups Now’s line of inkjet printers to print with edible ink. The PromoJET is a great inkjet printer, however it is large and consumes a lot of space. With this in mind we have developed our PowerJet compact solvent inkjet printer into an edible inkjet printer in order to accommodate smaller work spaces and allow the user ease of portability.

The ink used in the PowerJet is the same ink used in the PromoJET. As always, the ink is 100% edible and is completely safe to consume. The PowerJet also can print at the same resolution as the PromoJET, leaving your edible items looking as good as they taste!

Check out this great video of the PowerJet edible inkjet printing on marshmallows

Contact Inkcups Now for more information.

Printer used in this project:
Type: Edible Inkjet Printer
Brand: PowerJet
Model: Edible Inkjet Printer
Standard applications: Cookies, Cakes, Marshmallows, Loli-pops, candies, etc…
More info: The PowerJet Edible Inkjet Printer page

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