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Printing Team Logos Using the PromoJET Flatbed Inkjet Printer

February 10th, 2010 | Author: Stephen
Printing logos on baseballs

Printing logos on baseballs (click to expand!)

Using the PromoJET flatbed inkjet printer, printing your favorite team logo on a baseball is a snap!

Logos are printed on baseballs using regular ink and a halogen lamp for heating during the printing process. The interesting thing about the printed logos is that they are done at about 1.2” and still have crisp edges! These were done at lower resolution to allow more wrap on the part.

Team logos are not the only thing that can be printed on baseballs, by using the PromoJET solvent inkjet printer, the images are fully customizable! Print company names, pictures, and advertisements to use as an excellent promotional tool!

Baseball logos

Baseball logos - inkjet printed (click to expand!)



Printer used in this project:
Type: Solvent flatbed inkjet printer
Brand: PromoJET
Standard applications: golf balls, pens, CDs…
Unconventional applications: mints, candy, stained glass, plaques…
More info: solvent inkjet printer
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