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Dr. Pete’s Ink Tips

September 3rd, 2008 | Author: Inkcups Now

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Hi! A few tips on using Sapphire inks for screen print process:

• When using Sapphire inks for screen printing, you need a slower thinner than that you use for pad printing and you need it in lesser quantities. You want to add 3-5% of thinner to start and then see if you need more. For instance blue colors will most likely be fine but some red colors will require more thinner. High density colors will always require more thinner.

• Use S3 screen thinner, it will prevent your screen from “locking.”

• To increase ink opacity use the widest mesh appropriate for your artwork.

• It’s always recommended to use a flood bar when screen printing to keep the screen wet.

• For best imprints, it is very important to correct off-contact positioning of the screen.

• For “on press” wash or when cleaning out (“opening”) the image it is recommended to use a faster pad print thinner. It is best to refrain from using slower evaporating washes as they may contaminate the ink and lead to adhesion issues.

• It is especially important to clean the screen when you are using the ink with hardener. Make sure to clean it promptly so that the ink does not dry in the mesh.

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