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Custom Coaster – Tequila Style

January 15th, 2009 | Author: Inkcups Now

Custom printed coasters (click to expand!)

Custom printed coasters (click to expand!)

Here we have another example of how the Mimaki UJF 605 II works great on coasters. This inkjet printer prints 20 coasters in a few minutes and the ink is completely dry the moment they are done. These colorful tequila coasters will serve two purposes; they look beautiful, and will save your precious furniture from those sticky, hard-to-get-off stains. Perfect for the cocktail party!

Now, we know they look really nice… But it’s OK, go ahead and put your glass ON the coaster and not next to it!

Printer used in this project:
Type: UV flatbed inkjet printer
Brand: Mimaki
Model: UJF-605CII
Standard applications: coasters, pens, mint tins, zippo lighters…
Unconventional applications: 3-D paper calendars, crocs…
More info: Mimaki inkjet printer page
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