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Imprinted School Supplies with The PromoJet Solvent Inkjet Printer

September 3rd, 2009 | Author: InkcupsNow
3D Inkjet Printed School Supplies (Click to Expand)

3D Inkjet Printed School Supplies (Click to Expand)

School is starting and so has the annual “madscramble” against the clock to get all the last minute school supplies! If you are a seller of school supplies and want your items to be unique and attractive, have the artwork printed by the PromoJet Solvent Inkjet Printer from Inkcups Now.

The PromoJet is a highly versatile inkjet printer which can print on many different sized shapes and substrates. By pre-treating the object or using different lay downs of ink it is possible to modify the outcome of the artwork depending on what material you print on.

In this case, all these items were pre-treated using only a heatgun. The ink that was used is a newly developed ink specially made for printing on plastic parts with the PromoJet.

For anyone who wants to specialize in printing on pens we have the right ink and pen holding fixture specially made for the this 3D inkjet printer! Call us if you have any questions or would like to know more about this at 978-646-8980.

Printer used in this project:
Type: Solvent flatbed inkjet printer
Brand: PromoJET
Model: Standard
Standard applications: pencils, pens, golf balls, CD’s, iPod covers…
Unconventional applications: custom guitar picks, mouse pads, stained glass, plaques…
More info: PromoJET Solvent Inkjet Printer Page

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2 Responses to “Imprinted School Supplies with The PromoJet Solvent Inkjet Printer”

  1. AbdElbacet Chiha Says:

    We are a new company specializing in printing on gifts and on any promotional item, after visiting your site I would like to know your best price offer for a PromoJET Solvent Flatbed Inkjet Printer and if possible a study of cost for eg printing on pens and other media, because it’s new in Tunisia and I’d like to attack the market year-end gifts with new technology because in Tunisia is printed or silkscreened with or with the pad, and when you can print with such a resolution is interesting, and why not sell your machines in Tunisia if the first machine will convince customers, thank you for your understanding, I eagerly await your reply .

    I have been to SGIAEXPO2010, but unfortunately I had an impediment in the last minute, hopefully we will meet again.

    Sincerely, Abdelbacet Chiha, TUNISIA

  2. Katrina Says:

    I love what you have shared. As the saying goes, “sharing is caring”. I seriously like the way you write this article and thanks for sharing this piece of facts! It saves my day in some ways.

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