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Show Mom How Much You Care! Inkjet Printing on Glass

May 7th, 2010 | Author: Stephen

Printing on Frosted Glass (Click to Enlarge!)

Printing on Frosted Glass (Click to Enlarge!)

The PromoJET flatbed inkjet printer can print on virtually any surface! Just look at these images on glass.

Great gift ideas just in time for Mother’s Day! Here are some great poems for mother printed directly on to glass. Printing on glass is much more permanent than a card. We are able to personalize what it says on the image. We can even print a picture of your mother right on the glass! Decorate glass with the PromoJET solvent inkjet printer.

The process was easy! The PromoJET did all the work. We heated the glass with the integrated part heating system built into the PromoJET. We printed over the image twice to make it really stand out and give it better opacity.

Printer used in this project:
Type: Solvent flatbed inkjet printer
Brand: PromoJET

Printing on Glass (Click to Enlarge!)

Printing on Glass (Click to Enlarge!)

Standard applications: golf balls, pens, CDs…
Unconventional applications: mints, candy, stained glass, plaques…
More info: PromoJET inkjet printer page
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2 Responses to “Show Mom How Much You Care! Inkjet Printing on Glass”

  1. john Says:

    I like to print a poem / song / lyric on glass for my wife..
    and I was wondering how to go about that ..


  2. Stephen Says:

    You should search for a local promotional products/customization company. Many places will have you send in what you want printed on and they will print on it for a small charge.

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