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Top 5 Ink Applications for the SI series Silicone Ink

July 29th, 2014 | Author: Harry
Promotional Products Printed on with SI Series Silicone Ink

Ink Applications for SI series Silicone Ink

The SI series ink by Inkcups Now is made specifically to print on any items made of silicone rubber. The SI ink is designed for durability and has a high resistance to scratching, bending and stretching. These properties give the SI series silicone ink flexibility like no other.

Here are the top 5 ink applications for the SI series silicone ink:

  1. The elasticity of the SI series makes it ideal for custom silicone wristbands, which go through daily stretching and twisting to put on and rub against various surfaces throughout the day.
  2. The durability of the SI series also makes it perfect for buttons on controllers, allowing it to handle constant pressing and, of course, the occasional throwing by a frustrated gamer.
  3. The SI series ink is also perfect for those cooks out there who would like to customize their spatulas or oven mitts. The ink can easily withstand rubbing against whatever you might be mixing and will withstand heat up to 400°F, so go ahead and use those silicone oven mitts to remove your hot metal tray once you finish baking.
  4. One thing you can’t forget is iPhone/iPad cases. The ink is highly resistant to abrasion and will keep your logo safe and un-cracked even as the iPhone tumbles down the stairs.
  5. The fifth of the SI series ink applications is any other silicone promotional product you can imagine. Our pad and screen printing machines are designed to print on many different shaped objects and the SI ink is designed to last.

ICN Tips & Tricks: Removing the Ceramic Ring from an Ink Cup without Any Tools!

August 4th, 2010 | Author: Stephen

Ceramic Ring and Ink Cup (click to enlarge!)

Ceramic Ring and Ink Cup (click to enlarge!)

Recently here at Inkcups Now we received a phone call from a customer in distress. When the customer placed ink in their ink cup, it would spill out of a small hole on the bottom of the ring. The customer had chipped one of their ceramic rings on his ink cup. The customer did not know what to do next. They didn’t have a replacement ring or a ring removal tool and they had a high production demand. The customer could not wait two or three days for a new ring and ring removal tool.

Our technicians had a fast and easy solution for the customer. Place the ink cup in the freezer. Yes, the freezer. Now this seems a little odd, however it certainly does work. When metal gets cold it shrinks, the colder it gets the more it shrinks. The ring is ceramic, thus the cold will have no effect on it and it will remain the same size. Once the metal shrinks enough (usually after about 2-3 hours), the ring can be removed. BE CAUTIOUS the edges of the ring are extremely sharp and can cut if not handled properly.

Now you must be asking yourself, what about the replacement ring? If the customer didn’t have one on hand how is he supposed to replace the damaged ring? The answer is simple. Flip the ring over. All Inkcups Now ceramic rings are double-sided. Just flip it over and it works as good as new!

Remember, keep the ink cup cold while removing and installing the ring, do not let it warm in between. If the ink cup gets warm it will expand again and the ring will not fit. Also, once you change the ring, let the ink cup sit out at room temperature for about an hour or two in order to allow the metal expand to its original form. Just place the ink cup back into the pad printer and continue printing!

Contact us for more information and other helpful hints.

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41 Cool Things You Can Do With Pad Printing

February 11th, 2010 | Author: Stephen

You may have never heard of Pad Printing… yet it practically surrounds you!

Did you know that many of the colorful and interesting icons and graphics that make up our daily experience are created with pad printing technology? With pad printing, it is easy to add fun graphics and colorful art to almost any object including your own body! See for yourself.

You might start the day off by putting on your new T-shirt and noticing that the tickly-scratchy neck label has been replaced by a neat and unnoticeable printed one. While brushing your teeth you may glance at your dentist’s name on the handle, chances are you owe this friendly reminder to pad printing. How about getting into your car? Changing the radio station or making a left hand turn? Take a good look at the text and graphics on the inside of your car, these are all pad printed. The logo on golf balls you hit into the woods, the graduations on a syringe that take your blood and the souvenirs you buy at a game are all pad printed. Many of the fascinating images you see around you were pad printed.