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Inkcups Launches Brand New Tagless Printing Website

October 13th, 2017 | Author: Garrett Upson
Tagless Printing

New Tagless Printing Website















Why Inkcups’ Brand New Tagless Printing Website Will Benefit Customers New and Old

If you or your company are ready to go Tagless in the printing industry, Inkcups has you fully covered. Inkcups, a manufacturer of state-of-the-art printing equipment, supplies, and solutions to customers in the promotional, apparel, and industrial markets worldwide, have launched a brand new website with a particular focus on Tagless printing. Tagless.inkcups.com is going to aid and function as an informational tool for anyone at each stage of the buying process in the garment industry.

Visit the Inkcups Tagless Printing website here: https://tagless.inkcups.com/

Website Advantages and Features

For those just entering the industry, the new Tagless website includes an all-inclusive guide to successfully set-up, perform, and maintain a Tagless printing operation. The site breaks down the Tagless printing benefits and attributes of the equipment, various products, videos and services. As an additional benefit, the site also offers a product package builder to assist in choosing the appropriate equipment and supplies necessary to go Tagless.

Why Tagless Printing?

Say farewell to the traditional tear-away tags as label-free printing (Tagless printing) is revolutionizing the printing industry! Tagless printing is a moderately innovative way of tag labeling on garment products. Tagless Pad Printing is also, the most economical alternative to heat transfer or sewn-in labels. In turn, this method decreases the per-label cost, saves time and increases quality for products.

What Is Tagless Pad Printing?

A Pad Printing machine uses a silicone print pad to collect printing ink from an etched cliché (plate), which then transfers it to the part. Unlike Screen Printing or Heat Transfer which at this point is outdated technology, Pad Printing applies an extremely thin layer of ink, which causes the print to be softly and directly applied on the garment. This advanced printing technology allows Inkcups to instantly print numerous custom prints on a great variety of products from clothes to footwear.

Inkcups’ new website provides assistance and a myriad of information for customers new and old interested in Tagless printing technology. For more information about going Tagless with Inkcups, please contact us.