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Archive for February, 2017

The All New XJET800 is Here

February 15th, 2017 | Author: Jessica Makrinos

New products at Inkcups

The XJET800 is the all new UV/LED industrial inkjet printer from Inkcups Now designed for high volume production demand. Featuring the latest in print head technology: the Ricoh Gen 5 print head allows for a higher quality print at a fraction of the time- effectively increasing production speed.

The XJET800 has a large print area of 800 x 600mm (31.5” x 23.6”) with a 10” adjustable vertical height. Much like the XJET, the XJET800 comes equipped with Inkcups’ patented programmable servo controlled load station (Patent No. 9,221,281 B2). Print an entire bed of parts while loading new parts to be printed. Never slow down production.

Printing is completely customizable, featuring: High-speed Uni- or Bi-directional printing, Variable Resolution settings up to 1200dpi and Variable dot size (7pl, 14pl, 21pl.) The ink system is state of the art, featuring: a highly opaque white, automatic white ink maintenance, automatic negative pressure ink maintenance system and a bulk ink system.

For more information about the XJET800, please visit: http://www.inkcups.com/equipment/industrial-uv-inkjet-printers/uv-inkjet-printer/Default.aspx 


Compare your Inkjet Printer

February 7th, 2017 | Author: Jessica Makrinos

There are many different manufacturers of inkjet printers out there- which leads many to the problem of ‘which one should I choose’? It is difficult to keep track of all this information so we did the dirty work for you! Check out this awesome chart outlining some of the important features you may be interested in researching:


Bringing your Industrial Printing Projects In-House

February 2nd, 2017 | Author: Jessica Makrinos

New products at Inkcups

Outsourcing industrial printing projects is a common practice among small-medium sized companies but there comes a time when waiting on printed products, meeting certain minimums and sending artwork back and forth starts to waste more time than save money. Bringing printing inside seems like a difficult process but the flexibility it offers is tremendous. Once you have decided to take this step, the method to which you can print becomes the tough choice.