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Archive for March, 2015

Markem’s ULTRA Laser Plate Material Now Available from Inkcups Now as MegaLAZE!

March 4th, 2015 | Author: Stephen

MegaLAZE Laser Plate Material

MegaLAZE Laser Plate Material

Inkcups Now is happy to introduce the MegaLAZE laser plate material. Formerly known as Ultra Plates from Markem, these high performance aluminum-backed plates are a great addition to Inkcups Now’s laser plate line. Markem has recently discontinued the laser plate material and Inkcups Now saw great opportunity in adopting the new material.

The MegaLAZE laser plate material is perfect for use with a CO2 laser engraver. The coating of the plates offer flawless doctoring and the thickness of the material allows for a highly detailed etch.The MegaLAZE plate material can withstand 15,000 – 20,000 impressions. The plates are double-sided and can accommodate up to 4 images.

Contact Inkcups Now (978-646-8980) today to order!

Application of the Month: Industrial Inkjet Printing on Cosmetic Bottles

March 2nd, 2015 | Author: Stephen

Inkcups Now is excited to announce a new series called APPLICATION OF THE MONTH! Each month we will feature a new, exciting or unique application from our inkjet department. Look for future installments of the APPLICATION OF THE MONTH at the beginning of each month.

This month’s application is cosmetic bottles and tubes. The XJET industrial inkjet printer was able to print a 30% wrap around these tubes, jars and bottles. Showing off the XJET’s capability to print fine detail, the text printed on these bottles were only 2-3 point with no loss in sharpness. A custom tooling fixture was made to house 40 medium-sided bottles. The entire fixture of bottles were printed in about 5 minutes at a cost of $0.25 per cycle.

“Thanks. Pics look amazing !” – was the reaction from the customer. Shortly thereafter they purchased an XJET Industrial Inkjet Printer and needless to say, the customer was extremely pleased with the results.

What do you think of this application? Do you have any ideas for a unique application? Lets hear it below!

Happy Printing!
-Inkcups Now Corporation