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Archive for August, 2014

Pad Printer Experts Join the Future with Email Order Confirmation and Tracking

August 28th, 2014 | Author: Harry
Tracking and order confirmation for pad printer and other machines/supples

Email Tacking & Order Confirmation sent directly from Inkcups Now

Inkcups Now is excited to introduce order confirmation and tracking… through email! This might not be the newest technological revolution but I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that you will no longer sit in doubt waiting, hoping, praying that yours isn’t the order that got away. Now you’ll know right away where your order is!

This system simply allows you to confirm that your order did not get mixed up before we ship, check in to admire how smoothly your order progresses, then wait at the door as the order arrives right on time.

These emails are great whether you are a huge company ordering a big pad printer shipment or a smaller company who wants to print tagless labels on to your shirts. This is just another step that ICN is taking towards our goal of creating the best purchasing experience for our customers.

X2 vs. UJF-6042 Flatbed UV LED Printer Comparison

August 7th, 2014 | Author: Harry

The X2 and UJF-6042 flatbed UV LED printers

The X2 flatbed printer towers over the UJF-6042

The Mimaki UJF-6042 is what we in the business like to refer to as a “cute little machine”. If you ever have a lot of free time it’s a great flatbed UV LED printer to watch as it slowly moves back and forth to print out your design. However, if you are in the business of getting a lot of parts printed on quickly, the X2 should be your flatbed printer of choice.

Here are the top 6 reasons to choose the X2 as your flatbed UV LED printer:

  1. The X2 prints much faster than the UJF-6042, capable of printing the whole 500mm x 600mm print area in just 120 seconds. There’s even a video which completely humiliates the UJF-6042 (which we do not advise the extremely empathetic to watch.)
  2. The X2 has an industrial design which allows it to handle 24/7 printing for when you need to meet a deadline or just can’t be bothered to stop.
  3. The X2 offers the same variable drop size and staggered print heads as the UJF-6042 which gives both very high resolution images.
  4. Inkcups Now offers low cost templates for you parts to nicely space them for perfect, repeatable printing.
  5. The InkcupCare warranty means you won’t need to worry about any defective parts for the first year with your X2 machine.
  6. The expert tech support that we offer (in both English and Spanish) with our X2 machine just can’t be beat.

New Guatemala Office Excels in Tagless® Labels

August 5th, 2014 | Author: Harry
New Guatemala Office with Pad Printers on Display

New Guatemala Office Ready to Help you Go Tagless®

Inkcups Now proudly presents our new Guatemala office. The new workspace, at 600 square feet, boasts a larger warehouse, demo room, and  office space. The focus of the Guatemala office is to assist apparel manufacturers in the region go tagless®. The Guatemala office has all that you need for Tagless Labels – equipment, supplies, and tech support.

Added warehouse and office space give us more room to store our complete line of equipment and supplies for Pad Printing, Laser Plate Making, Screen Printing, and Inkjet Printing on 3-dimensional and flat items. The warehouse is a veritable goldmine of the best in printing technology!

The new demo room down in Guatemala allows you to see our best machines in action. Be warned though, once you see the speed and precision at which these machines operate, you may feel compelled to go tagless® right on the spot!

The Guatemala office offers technical support and is a Direct Sales Division of Inkcups Now. Meaning, not only will you receive  a great product, there will be expert technical support in both English and Spanish to help make your new machine run to the best of its ability.

Johann Arango, an Application specialist, manages ICN Guatemala. Johann is also in charge of sales and technical support in Guatemala, El Salvador and other Central American countries. Johann’s 7 years of experience in the Textile Industry and ability to speak both English and Spanish make him ideal to help apparel companies switch to Tagless Labels for their clothing.

(Tagless® is a registered trademark of Hanesbrand Inc.)