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Archive for July, 2014

Pad Printers for Silicone Wristbands

July 31st, 2014 | Author: Harry
Silicone Wristband Customized by Pad Printer

Custom Silicone Wristband

Wrists are everywhere. Most people have at least one and, even before the pyramids were built, these same people have made efforts to decorate this very exposed portion of the body. Though the golden scarab bracelets of Egypt still make their appearances every so often, nowadays custom silicone wristbands are appearing with a much greater frequency. They are cheap to manufacture, fun to wear, and great for advertising a product or a cause.

The one issue that manufacturers often run into is the ‘custom’ aspect of these silicone wristbands. Finding the proper printing machine, ink, solvent, hardener, etc. can all get very complicated. Luckily for you, Inkcups Now provides the one stop shop for printing on your silicone wristbands. Our pad printers are ideal for printing on wristbands and our SI series ink, which comes with a bottle of solvent and hardener, is designed specifically to survive the daily struggles of a wristband.

It’s never too late to join the market and, if you want to get ahead, the speed, precision, and durability of our pad printers and SI series pad printing ink are the best ways to make your mark. Wrists (and wristbands) have stood the test of time so now is a great time to equip yourself with the right pad printers and ink.

Top 5 Ink Applications for the SI series Silicone Ink

July 29th, 2014 | Author: Harry
Promotional Products Printed on with SI Series Silicone Ink

Ink Applications for SI series Silicone Ink

The SI series ink by Inkcups Now is made specifically to print on any items made of silicone rubber. The SI ink is designed for durability and has a high resistance to scratching, bending and stretching. These properties give the SI series silicone ink flexibility like no other.

Here are the top 5 ink applications for the SI series silicone ink:

  1. The elasticity of the SI series makes it ideal for custom silicone wristbands, which go through daily stretching and twisting to put on and rub against various surfaces throughout the day.
  2. The durability of the SI series also makes it perfect for buttons on controllers, allowing it to handle constant pressing and, of course, the occasional throwing by a frustrated gamer.
  3. The SI series ink is also perfect for those cooks out there who would like to customize their spatulas or oven mitts. The ink can easily withstand rubbing against whatever you might be mixing and will withstand heat up to 400°F, so go ahead and use those silicone oven mitts to remove your hot metal tray once you finish baking.
  4. One thing you can’t forget is iPhone/iPad cases. The ink is highly resistant to abrasion and will keep your logo safe and un-cracked even as the iPhone tumbles down the stairs.
  5. The fifth of the SI series ink applications is any other silicone promotional product you can imagine. Our pad and screen printing machines are designed to print on many different shaped objects and the SI ink is designed to last.

New Advances to the XJet Industrial Inkjet Printer

July 24th, 2014 | Author: Harry
The Advanced Drop Control System

The Advanced Drop Control System on the XJet Industrial Inkjet Printer

The Advanced Drop Control System or the ADCS (ad-kuh-s) as I affectionately refer to it is a wonderful new addition to the XJet printer, our largest, most industrial inkjet printer. Effectively what the drop control system does is increase the distance of the LED curing lights away from the print head. This change enables better print control and quality, allowing you to gain complete control over a single drop of jetted UV ink, something still nearly unimaginable for some.

The standard features for the ADCS include: variable gloss control software settings, significantly increased print quality, reduce banding that may occur, reduced down time due to nozzle clogging, and improved control over ink texture leaving a silky smooth feel. That’s a lot of information so I’ll simplify what I just said. You get the power of a god over each drop of UV ink from this industrial inkjet printer which gives you glossy, smooth, clear image quality faster. That’s Inkcups Now enhancements for you.

Sapphire Ink Application Chart for Pad and Screen Printing Ink

July 22nd, 2014 | Author: Harry
Sapphire Ink Application Chart

The New Sapphire Ink Application Chart

Inkcups Now presents the new Sapphire ink application chart for our pad and screen printing ink. This colorful chart, now available to view or to download as a PDF from our website, outlines all the information you may need while choosing from our wide variety of Sapphire inks.

The chart is a convenient way to easily locate which ink is perfect for your product, giving information regarding the compatible materials, degree of gloss, even drying speeds! This ink application chart is just one more way that Inkcups Now strives to ease your search for the perfect pad and screen printing ink.

The New CrystaLAZE Laser Engravable Plates from Inkcups Now

July 17th, 2014 | Author: Harry

CrystaLAZE Laser Plates

CrystaLAZE Laser Plates

Inkcups Now introduces CrystaLAZE laser plates! These groundbreaking laser engravable plates are different from the usual CO2 laser plates on the market today. Most CO2 plates out there are simply pre-hardened polymer plates whereas the CrystaLAZE plates are designed specifically for CO2 laser engravers. The surface is compatible with the CO2 wavelength enabling the finest detail to be etched – more than any CO2 laser plate material available today!

The plate is also extremely durable. The CrystaLAZE laser plate comes with a blue protective peel sheet to protect from any scratching and the plates are inert, making them impervious to any weather changes.

In addition to its other advantages, CrystaLAZE has a uniform, consistent hardness which allows it to perform perfectly and withstand up to 50,000 impressions. CrystaLAZE is one more way that Inkcups Now works to create the best product for you.

Frank Xiao – Asia Sales

July 15th, 2014 | Author: Harry
New Asia Sales Representative

Garment tag printing expert Frank Xiao

Inkcups Now welcomes Frank Xiao to the Asia Sales team. Over the past 5 years Inkcups Now has further expanded their presence in Asia with the addition of 4 distributors which cover 9 locations including warehouses throughout. Frank represents a great addition to the Asian branch of the Inkcups Now family bringing with him 8 years of experience in the garment printing and technology markets. Asia offers a turnkey solution for garment tag printing on t-shirts, hoodies, underwear, and other garments and, with Frank there as a guide, we hope to provide you with the best in tagless printing for your clothing.

Frank used to work as an OEM for a high-end Chinese manufacturer where he mastered heat transfer label technology. Frank brings with him that experience, in addition to his extensive knowledge from his work with brands, designers, manufacturers and print factories, to provide you with the best garment tag printing solutions and to assist the whole of Inkcups Now as we expand further into Asia and other marketplaces around the world.