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Archive for October, 2010

Sapphire “Don’t call me Paint” Pad Printing Ink

October 18th, 2010 | Author: Stephen

Sapphire Pad Printing Ink(click to enlarge)

Sapphire Pad Printing Ink(click to enlarge)

The ICN Sapphire brand ink has been called many things in the past. “Screen printing ink“, “pad printing ink”, even “gunk”. Just don’t call it PAINT!

Pad printing ink is not suitable for coating walls, chairs or landscapes. Which is exactly why pad printing ink is not called “paint.” Ink contains coloring molecules that are dissolved in a liquid. Paints will have pigments, that is coloring molecules that are in suspension in a liquid (but not dissolved.) You must work harder in order to keep paint mixed together.

Pad printing ink is formulated to transfer images from an etched plate to 3-dimensional, irregularly shaped or flat objects. Among the various applications of pad printing inks are the following: printing on promotional products (pens, travel mugs, golf balls), medical devices, car components and tagless t-shirts.

Sapphire series screen and pad printing inks are triple milled to micron level pigment sizes yielding one of the industry’s most opaque and brilliant color palettes. You can literally see the difference as soon as you open a can of ink.

To the many experienced people in the printing industry and the many more just starting out: You know the difference, you see the difference. So please do not call ink, paint!

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