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Archive for February, 2010

41 Cool Things You Can Do With Pad Printing

February 11th, 2010 | Author: Stephen

You may have never heard of Pad Printing… yet it practically surrounds you!

Did you know that many of the colorful and interesting icons and graphics that make up our daily experience are created with pad printing technology? With pad printing, it is easy to add fun graphics and colorful art to almost any object including your own body! See for yourself.

You might start the day off by putting on your new T-shirt and noticing that the tickly-scratchy neck label has been replaced by a neat and unnoticeable printed one. While brushing your teeth you may glance at your dentist’s name on the handle, chances are you owe this friendly reminder to pad printing. How about getting into your car? Changing the radio station or making a left hand turn? Take a good look at the text and graphics on the inside of your car, these are all pad printed. The logo on golf balls you hit into the woods, the graduations on a syringe that take your blood and the souvenirs you buy at a game are all pad printed. Many of the fascinating images you see around you were pad printed.