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Same day delivery by all means

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Inkcups to the Rescue: Same Day Delivery by All Means

That sunny Friday morning Elaine, ICN's office manager, got a call from one of ICN's largest ink customers. The customer, who runs round the clock production, realized he was going to be out of black ink in the next couple of hours - so he requested that the ink be delivered same day.

As you probably remember, Inkcups headquarters is in Danvers, Massachusetts; this client's facility is in Midwest - roughly 600 miles distance. "Not around the corner," Elaine noted, "but we must get the ink there within the next few hours - otherwise the busy factory will grind to a halt.  What can be worse for them?.."

First we called our freight forwarder asking for same day delivery. There was no such service available. However – after Elaine used just a little bit of her charm – the young men started thinking about driving to Pennsylvania himself. “Actually, ma’am, I have friends there... I will just need to take a day off.” So the discussion proceeded to how to pick up the cans, what route to take and how to compensate the courier… We almost had him convinced but at the last minute he decided against it.

The next try was ordering a counter-to-counter air shipment - but unfortunately all flights to the destination had already departed. Third attempt was contacting special same day delivery companies. It turned out, these companies take up to a week to set up a new account... I guess, setting up accounts is just not their area of expertise. Naturally, they are shipping companies, not account setting companies.

By then it was 3:00 p.m. and time for Spiderman or at least an out-of-the-box-idea. And there came the idea: locate another client that would be relatively close and would use ink of the same series and color. Quick database search - and voila! - a company 250 miles away.

Elaine called the company asking for help - and was lucky enough to come across the nicest woman in the whole state. This lovely lady not only gave up the precious Sapphire but also made sure it was properly packaged and placed so that it was easy for the currier to pick it up - after the plant was closed. Seriously, where would we be without our customers?

Friday, 9 pm. Ben calls Elaine from some lively and loud place and shouts excitedly: "Elaine, just want to let you know, they got the ink!!" Elaine goes: "Hurray, we did it!!!"

Elaine, Ben and the whole ICN Team don't mind a little jumping through the hoops for a noble cause. If you need some jumping, please feel free to call 978-646-8980. And if you don't... please call as soon as possible!! :)

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