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"Doctor Joe"    

     or Where Good Punching Can Get You

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“Doctor Joe” or
Where Good Punching Can Get You

This is a sad story about ICN losing a great production worker to nanotechnology. At the same time it is a happy story about hard work and big achievements. These days Inkcups Now has not just a good friend but a five-minute-to-doctorate-degree friend!

Joe Bedard came to Inkcups Now more then 6 years ago, when the company just started. He was the first employee in the production area. Some allege, Joe was quiet, reserved, easy-blushing and would refuse to eat pizza. (The latter was cited as a definite flaw, "How childish is that - not to eat pizza?!") Joe worked in plate department; from the very beginning he proved to be diligent and dependable – and this is one thing that has never changed.

As time went by, there were more and more people on the production floor, all fine and energetic young man. Soon it became obvious that the production team was not only completing the orders but also having a lot of fun, complementing non-stop machine clanging with hard rock and heavy metal. "Once in a while, a piece of silicon (or a body) would fly across the room,” smiles Elaine, ICN office manager, "and you can imagine that head-banger music! Joe did not seem quiet anymore. Not long ago I heard him signing out loud. He even eats pizza nowadays! What a change!"

There was another big change: somewhere along the way Joe decided to go back to school and finish his studies in chemistry and physics. (A student myself up until recently, I can state that at ICN students enjoy not only the music of their choice but also moral support and flexible schedules.) Joe would study during daytime and work evenings and weekends, both days. "Joe is a leader with strong work ethic," says Ben Adner, "and a live example of how good efforts pay off, be it in plate or chemistry department."

Joe Bedard received his Bachelor of Science degree in spring 2007 and decided to go for a combined Masters and Doctorate in Physical Chemistry. He accepted a teaching position at Northeastern University (Boston, MA) and began studies and the new job in September. A month before, Inkcups Now threw a good-buy beach party in the honor of "Doctor Joe."
We all wish Joe good luck in his career and hope to see him at our New Year celebration!

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